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Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Gurpreet Singh Randhawa used Ask the Experts™
i have one site which is purely build in coldfusion! the main file is the index.cfm file

now i have one page to which i want to convert into fusebox! i do not want to convert the whole website in fusebox!any workaround this!

the website is too big so converting the whole website will be pain in ass.

so either fusebox 4.1 or fusebox 5 or more version can help in doing such thing or fusebox 3 i can also consider!

please guide me
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The question is WHY do you want to do this?   It sounds really silly to convert one page to a different coding methodology, particularly since that coding methodology uses index.cfm as it's corner stone.

Whatever reason you have to convert one page into fusebox, I am sure we can solve in another way.
my client wants it as!

i know having full website in fusebox is a good task!

he says that he has one page which make use the switch/case statements that he want to call them using fusebox

But if your switch case statements are NOT in your index.cfm file, then it's just silly to put them there.   All you need to do is take the code from those switch statements and put them at the top of your form page and submit the page to itself.   Same code, but instead of putting in your index.cfm file (which is already in use) then you put it in the form page.   Must smarter!

Your client should not be coding for you.
sorry i did not understood what u said above!

@ also i went through the THEHUB Framework which seems to be solution to me! it is quite nice and too simple to config! have you had a look at it the Framework by Neil Ross

Not famous but good one

I thought you did not want to implement a new framework?

If you are trying to implement a framework, then you should go ahead and research them and choose one.   If you want my opinion on frameworks, I would consider simply posting each page to itself.   It's very easy and more powerful than many frameworks for error handling.  You can organize and share code using cfinclude for update statements and such.   Keep it simple!

But what you said was, you wanted to implement ONE PAGE of a framework (fusebox) and NOT the entire site.  

My comment is that this is not a good idea.   There is no real way to implement one page of fusebox.  It's easy enough to take the switch statement and put it at the top of your form and submit the page to itself.   Don't try to implement one page of a framework.

If you post the code, I can show you what I mean.  

thanks! i came across framework which i would like you too have a look please! it is just awesome no big hassles, everything redirects from index.cfm page:


i implemented it and it works!

Frameworks are not my 100 % choice! they need irrelavant files to included and passing from various pages to the one page and error handling becomes difficult

I agree

seems like a decent framework, pretty simple, which is good.

Two comments..

- make sure it converts all URL variables to FORM variables (or attributes scope), so you don't have to deal with multiple scopes for inputs.

- see how it handles errors.  That is, if you submit a form and left out a required field, can you redisplay the form with all user-input in tact with an error message?

yes it do

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