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User Profile issue

Siddharth79 used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,
Our company had 8 forests. We had initiated a project to Consolidate the 8 forests in to one single forest. The project had kicked off and the users were migrated using quest. As  a part of the project after the users and computers were migrated the trust relationship between the old domain and the new domain was removed.
Up on removal of the trust relationship when users logged in to the domain they were not able to see all their files. Control panel (winxp) is not displaying classic view, "unable to start outlook" are some of the errors.
I tried giving administrative previlleges to some users and everything was back to normal. If I remove the previllege users start facing the same problem. Any help would be highly appreciated
PS : I have already tried removing the desktop from the domain and rejoining it back but no luck.
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If you were to create a new user profile, does it function correctly?

Seems the privileges are out of place due to a change of domain name.
I hope the SID history would been disabled.

First, lookup the ACL's under particular profile security and compare
Check for the ownership of the profiles. There's a Group Policy under trhe User Profiles section of a GPO template to bypass the ownership.

Giving full control to "Creator Owner Principal may leads to some issues, but we can consider them later.

Awating an update!

any restrictions on the GPO?


If I create new profile everything is working fine but its a question of configuring for 1000 users.

I was asking in terms of a troubleshooting step.

Ensure that the users have Full Control and Ownership of their profiles, both locally and on the server.
I have found a solution myself.

1.You will have to restart the desktop to release the lock on the affected end user profile.
2. Logon to the local machine and give full permission to Administrators, System and the user on the affected profile. Make Administrator owner of the affected profile.
3.Right click my computer and go to properties -->Advanced tab and click on Settings under user profile.
4.You will see all the user's profile listed. Select the affected enduser profile and click copy to.
5.Select documents and settings and enter a new path for example username.00 So it should be %systemroot%\username.00
Wait untill the full profile is copied.
6.click ok and exit system properties

Open Regedit
1.Select HKLM--> Sotware--> Microsoft-->Windows NT--> Current Version --> Profile List
2.Under profile list there would be many subkeys representing each user profile.
3.Select the subkey for the appropriate enduser and change the value of the profileimagepath key and point it to the newly created path.Exit Regedit.
Log off and login using the user's credentials. Be sure to type the userid in the same case you created the profile.

You will find things working normally.
Well, enough leads were  given to the author to start working towards a resolution.
And there's no credit shared.

Thats a surprise!