SBS 2008 -- Terminal Services gateway service is not running

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When accessing RWWP , I get the error as tagged above.

I see in the event logs it shuts down and back on .. ... something is making it shutdown ..

Google is littered with somewhat similiar problems but are all drawn out and very lengthy processes...

I tried the Fix my internet wizard and get DNS forwarders not recom and SBS cant manage my router...

I dont think either of those is true problem... I also rebooted this machine for the heck of it as well ...

Any ideas ??
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Correct those errors are unrelated. SBS 2008 suggests using root hints rather than forwarders but it is not necessary, and SBS cannot configure your router as UPnP is disabled on the router, which is generally recommended for security reasons. Neither has to do with terminal services.

As for the TS issue, have you seen the SBS repair guides as to how to diagnose and repair the TS Gateway service?


i shall try
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Check your IIS permissions / SSL Settings:
SBS Web Applications:
SSL Settings - Ignore Client Certificates
Anonymous Authentication - Enabled
SBS Web Applications/Remote:
SSL Settings - Require SSL & Require 128-Bit - Ignore Client Certificates
Anonymous & Forms Authentication - Enabled
Make sure your site matches the above and then test Remote Access / Remote Connection to your computers.

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