Outlook 2010 Hanging and locking entire computer

Sean Clarke
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Just installed Outlook 2010 (as part of office 2010 prefoessional 64bit)

Outlook 2010 just seems to hang almost all of the time.
Every 5 minutes or so, it hangs and goes to "not responding"
Sometimes if I leave it for 5-10 minutes is comes back but other times nothing after even an hour or so...

I've tried outlook safe mode and this makes no difference.
I've got rid of every non MS standard addin - makes no difference

I've even had a few blue screens of death as well.

When it does hang and I then try to reboot my pc, windows 7 will not log off nor shutdown.
Just sits there saying "logging off" forever.

Also can't for the life of me get rid of the "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfil the messaging request...." at windows start.

The PC is a fairly new top end spec PC, with all of the latest windows 7 64-bit software and upgrades on it.

Your help is very much appreciated with this one.....
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check on the task manager the processes if Outlook is taking all the CPU resources and check the ram available. Did you try even to delete the files located in the outlook folder in application data (hidden folder)? Unhide first the folders from control pannel and locate in the users folder the outlook folder in App data
Sean ClarkeOwner / Manager


Trying to kill Outlook in Task Manager doesn't kill it.
 - I can try to kill the main application (when it's status is not responding) and it kills the application but outlook is still there as a process.
- So i then try to end the process "outlook.exe" - but right clicking and choosing 'end procees' does nothing - it just stays there. Takes up about 50mb of memory

There is no way to kill this process, so when I try to reboot, logging off never logs off.

Outlook is not taking up all of my memory or processor.

Even running in safe mode, the application starts, looks fine but then if I go do do anything like open an email the application goes into "not responding"

I've recreated my profile from scratch, no different.
I've moved the ost data file to somewhere else (when creating my new profile) no different.
I've done full defrag, scandisk, virus sweep etc... - all with no effect on getting outlook 2010 to work.
Top Expert 2010

a) Can you reinstall outlook with FULL FEATURE
b) Run windows update so that all service packs / updates are done.

Go to http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/
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Sean ClarkeOwner / Manager



Not sure what "Can you reinstall outlook with FULL FEATURE" means - can you clarify please ?

I have already used WIndows Update to install all available service packs / updates are done

Top Expert 2010

When you install Outlook initially, you get options like
Full Install
Customized install etc.

Did you run Microsoft Office Diagnostics
Click on the Windows Circle on top left hand corner and select options
Sean ClarkeOwner / Manager


Sunnyc7,  this is MIcrosoft Office 2010 - There is no Windows Circle on top left hand corner

Does anyone else know where any other kind of diagnostic tools are ?

UPDATE: I've now also tried completely deinstalling and reinstalling Office 2010 (with all options) _'ve tried the 64-bit and 32-bit and both have the same problem...
Outlook just hangs - I start outlook, clicked on a single (new - yes it's downloading) email to read it - hang.....
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Sean ClarkeOwner / Manager


sunnyc7 - Your link applies above Applies to: Microsoft Office Access 2007, Excel 2007, InfoPath 2007, OneNote 2007, Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Project 2007, Publisher 2007, SharePoint Designer 2007, Visio 2007, Word 2007

I am trying to sort out Outlook 2010 !!
Top Expert 2010

Sorry abou thtat.

Couple of questions.
a) Are you connected to Exchange 2010 with Outlook ? Or other POP3/IMAP accounts.
b) You said you disabled some add-ins. What add-ins were these ? How did you know these were non-microsoft.

c) Please go here

Go to

Open up eventvwr under Microsoft Windows Logs \ Applications

Check all Outlook entries (where outlook is source)

Post the crashed event entries here.

Owner / Manager

a)  I'm connected to an externally hosted exchange server (not sure what version)
I was connected to some other pop3 accounts as well but I've removed them for now - made no difference

b) This was a dymo printer and a program called template phrase - they are non-microsoft - fact

c) can't do a dump anymore as I have had to take the decision to roll this back to office 2007 - I can;t afford to waste anymore time on trying to fix microsoft products.

I'll be waiting until Office 2010 SP1

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