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What File Synchronisation Software to use?

RenAndStimpy used Ask the Experts™

I don't have much experience with this type of software but need a solution for my home and office computers.

At both i'm using a networked synology nas drive which i want my files to be backed up/synchronised with.  The synology drive does come with data replicator software but i find it too unreliable.

My question is, what is the best software to use to back up my data to my nas drive? i dont want to do scheduled backups i want to do live file synchronisation that runs in the background with no fuss.

Thanks in advance!
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I use SyncBack Pro (www.2brightsparks.com). It synchronizes large and complex data stores with no difficulty, very quickly and very reliably. I have not tried to use it in the background, but you can minimize it while it runs. It serves me well.  .... Thinkpads_User
Many of the backup software available allows storing the backup in a non-compressed format if that is your concern.

For file syncing I use Allway Sync, which covers my needs. Features include one-way or two-way synching, local/network/cloud/FTP.


Thanks you Thinkpads_User and madunix, i will look into those.  

And thanks thomas, i will look into Allway Sync to.  It is just 1 way syncing over the network i need, and in an uncompressed format so i can also access my backed up file odd my nas from another location accross the interent.