Count the total Active concurrent users in Oracle HRMS

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Hi Experts,

I am wondering on how to calculate the number of active concurrent users in each of Oracle E-Business suite HRMS modules like HR Intelligence, Human Resources, Self-Service Human Resources and Payroll. Is there any kindl of tools I can use or kindly advice on how to calculate.

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is it something like this you are looking for:

Signon Audit Concurrent Requests Report
Use this report to view information about who is requesting what concurrent requests
and from which responsibilities and forms.

else it looks like you are into do some select against the database it could be this table: APPLSYS.FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS

for more application server data have a look at this page:

But i think you need to have auditing turned on to have data in teh fnd_ tables


Thank you very much. If you can tell the deference between the Applications Manager users per module summary that will be awesome.

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