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users rights in cisco callmanager 6.1

fadihu used Ask the Experts™

I'm trying to create a user group which have the right to open the callmanager web page and have access on the translation pattern only, is this possible?

I  created a role and assigned the translation pattern webpage (read,update) and add few extra pages, and created 1 user and linked it to the usergoup, when i try to login to the ccmadmin page using the username i created, it just keep reload the login page? did i miss something here? or the only way is to assign the standard ccm admin user role as well which i dont want to, since it give him full admin access? is there a way around it?

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This is really possible.I tested same scenario for you.Its working perfectly.

First you have to create your desired user name (my_name) an associate with Standard CCM Admin Users.This is basic step need to get access to administrator web page inside cucm.But this does not mean that you have access to any resources but only provide to admin page.

Secondly you have to create new role (My Translation Roles) and assign "translation pattern web page " with read and update permission.
Now create new user group(Translation Admins) and assign the new role you created in the previous step.

Finally You can assign your user (my_name) with this new user group(Translation Admins) created in the previous step.

It will work perfect.



Thanks alot,
It is tricky to see all pages displayed infront of you when you login, and then they are all disabled when you try to access them.
Again thanks for the help.