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Exchange PTR Record and Natting

Jack_son_ used Ask the Experts™
If you nat your exchange outound, it seems some mail systems blacklist email even with a .ptr record.  Does anyone know the best way to set up this for both security and to help prevent blacklisting?
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You need to have a rDNS record configured on the public facing IP address otherwise the rDNS lookup will fail.

Ideally this should match the A record your MX record points to. Have a look at my article here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/Email_Servers/Exchange/A_2370-Exchange-DNS-Configuration.html


Good article, so basically it is showing the wrong public ip from the server at whatismyip.com as the way it is setup in the firewall. So looks like all that needs to be added is the .ptr?
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Should be good to go then :)
Glad tounlike the article, don't forget to vote for it :)