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I work in a school that is a long way from the telephone exchange. We already have bonded lines, but still have issues with internet speed - especially when a class of 20 are all logging onto the same website. Is there something that could download a web site locally to one of our servers and then the users access this locally. I think tha Misrosoft do a product ISA Server or are there others. Thanks
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If the website is not linked to a database, you can use a web spider to download all pages, and save it on a local web server. I don't think that is legal though.

The best solution is to use a proxy server to store all content like pictures or static pages, and only download the live content.

We use the open source proxy server squid -
It runs on most open source operating systems, and works very nice on a windows network.
It has a windows version, but I haven't tried it.

I don't know what the squid equivalent is for Windows, and how it compares with squid.
Maybe someone else can help you with a Microsoft product name.
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Yes - Microsoft ISA does exactly this. The latest version (which only runs on 64-bit opreating systems ie 2008 SP2 or 2008R2) is called forefront threat management gateway 2010. The earlier versions c alled ISA Server only run on 32-bit operating systems such as 2003.


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