We are about to spend a fourtune on Kaseya - are we right to do so?

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Hi guys after 10 years of IT support we have realised we are doing things the hard way and thanks to software and broadband catching up theres a few manage service provider type software out there.  We've had a personal demo of Kaseya and it certainly seems to do everything we want, the thing is we are only a small company so spending £30-40 per licence for nearly 200 devices is an obvious issue.

we need to have proper system monitoring, ticketing, remote control, be able to schedule timed tasks/events and also simple reporting to give to the clients every month.

Although Kaseya clearly has a great product does anyone know of anything as good (or even better) for more reasonable prices? or m I doing hte right thing and pressing on with kaseya as an investment in quality rather than another bit of cheap software that promises loads but doesn't deliver?

thanks loads for any input

John Bryan
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Kaseya is a great product, most of the time ... there are glitches and difficulties they've had growing as fast as they have ... but that is the whole managed it services industry as a whole ... there is no other product that combines everything you need for managed it services as well as Kaseya ... we've been using it for 5 years now and wouldn't pick anything else.  The others have bits and pieces of what Kaseya does, but in the end Kaseya has always had one or two things that the others just do not do for our clients.  OH and BTW - we are about the same size as you approx. 200 devices managed.

See http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Q_23474162.html and http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Q_22767386.html (i don't think this will help you, as it sounds like you need a lot more than just "remote control").

Which sort of reporting do you require?

You might take a look at N-Able.  They are based in Ottowa and won a recent 5 start channel award.
Spiceworks. Free. Awesome. http://www.spiceworks.com/referrer/benhar


I use Spiceworks daily and have been for the past four years (since it went beta) and don't know if i could work without it.

Helpdesk, monitoring, inventory, network map, reporting, remote collectors, user portal, user community, etc.  

That said, there really isn't anything not useful about using Spiceworks. It's a small download, small footprint, agent-less, easy to use, well developed, and much more.

It is constantly being developed and improved, and most features implemeted are user-driven.  Doesn't do something you need/want? look for a plug-in or submit a feature request.

Speaking of the community, that is the keystone of the whole works. The information contained in the community and it's members is invaluable. Questions will get a response within minutes and the IT pros answering will always stick with the issue until a soltuion is found. And it's not only for Spiceworks issues, ANY IT related (and some non-IT) topic is welcome and encouraged. With over 1,000,000 users (20% SMB market Worldwide) someone is there who can help.

It's true there are some things to configure and it will sometimes have difficulty identifying or modifying a device, but with a little digging and some help from the community the issue can usually be solved pretty quick. Speaking of problems, if there are any major ones that you cant get solved, the support staff is like no other. http://www.unofficialspiceworks.com/2009/11/how-good-can-support-for-free-software-be/#more-2413

It does a good job of walking you through the initial steps to get it going, plus there are many tutorials and help videos avaialble to get things started.  Again, the community is always there to help.  Really the biggest hurdle is configuring all your devices to send the data to Spiceworks, and that isn't a huge deal either.  Alot of it can be done through scripting.  But still, all that is done once and you're set.

There are definately things that the program won't do (yet) but as I mentioned, it's constantly being devloped and new features are added regularly. It's up to version 4.7 now (in only 4 years) and version 5.0 is slated for release late this year. For what it can't do now (e.g. monitor event logs for real-time events) a third-party program (e.g. Splunk, Nagios) can fill in the gap and be tied in with Spiceworks to raise an alert.

Actually I can't believe I haven't mentioned probably the second-greatest thing about Spiceworks, the helpdesk.  Fully functional, automated ticketing system.  There are some features which are not available but in development for it, like being a tierd system, queues, etc.  but many have found easy workarounds for now that they'd be happy to share (or may have already in the how-to's).  For me though, I'm a one-man operation so not having multiple levels of support here isn't a problem.

I could really go on and on about Spiceworks, but it's more something to dive in to and use.

It's a great fit for ANY orginization that doesn't want to spend alot on an IT management suite.  In many ways (ease of use, community, support, development, etc.) it beats out the "big boys" hands down.

FYI - I don't work for Spiceworks, I'm just an average user who lives by Spiceworks everyday.

Don't forget too, it's free! http://www.spiceworks.com/referrer/benhar

Oh, and it sounds like your an MSP.  Many of the top users are owners of MSPs and use Spiceworks to manage their operations.  Lots of good posts and how-tos on using Spiceworks across your client base.
I work for a support company supporting thousands of clients all over the UK and we use Kaseya. It is great for what we need, we have instant easy access to remote clients, we provide weekly reports to them showing them the state of their networks and we can fix problems before they arise as we receive alerts from their systems. You can get instant access to the spec of machines, disks etc and you can also develop it further to report on the state of backups and whether AV is up to date or not.

I haven't used nay other kind of similar software so Ican't comment on that but I would certainly recommend Kaseya.

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