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need to restore an old exchange 2003 priv1.edb file into an exchange 2007

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I have an exchange 2007 server, which we have migrated from a 2003 ages ago.. My boss wants to restore some old sent files. I've gone through my exchange 2007 backup files and can't find it.
I think i may have what im after in my old 2003 exchange backup, before i migrated.
Can i link an old priv1.edb into an exchange 2007 enviroment by making a new storage group ?

If i can, will this mess up the exsiting users ?
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You will need to use a 3rd party app.
I highly recommend kernel EDB: http://www.kerneldatarecovery.com/buy-edb-email-recovery.html

You can access the EDB directly and extract the contents to a PST file.

I don't leave home without it :)
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Your best bet would be to create a virtual server with exchange 2003 on it and do a restore onto that. That way you are risking nothing.
You are forced to build a new machine to restore on (prefer off the production network).
Exchange 2007 cannot be used to recover 2003 databases.
If AD sees the old server name is now 2007, you will have problems.

A couple of virtual machines will do it. One for AD/DNS and one for Exchange 2003.

You can use third party tool ontrack to open the database and create a PST.


I ended up building a new exchange server off the main network,