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I have a DELL Poweredge 1600sc server running windows 2003 server software.  It has a RAID array that is degraded.  I am looking to replace the faulty drive.  I know I need it to have an 80 pin connector, and that it must be SCSI ultra 320.  I have found a replacement drive with those specs.  However, I have been unable to find one with the same RPMs.  The existing drives that are holding the server up have 10,000 RPMs, and the closest speed I can find is 15K RPMs.  

My question is, since it is faster than the others, will it work with my current drives.  Or, do I need to keep looking.  I dont want to keep looking too long as the RAID array is in a degraded state.

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The 15K will work fine, Dell Raid controllers are designed to be forward compatable, the controller will slow the drive down to match the slowest drive in the array, so you will be perfectily fine.
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Actually, the controller will not slow the drive down, and if one particular drive is faster than the others, then you will see a slight performance increase in situations where you are reading data on that particular drive.

Example, if you are using RAID1, and have a 15K and 10K RPM drive, and the controller is capable of balancing I/Os and redirecting them to the disk which can satisfy the request the fastest, then you will get better overall read performance with a 15/10 combo, then with a 10/10 combo.

Rather than worry about RPMs of a disk, I would be more concerned that the disk is qualified by Dell for your particular controller.


thank you!

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