Unable to start Bluetooth stack service, Windows 7 64-bit

John_Holecek used Ask the Experts™
in the last 7 months I have purchased two laptop computers, one from HP and one from Lenovo, both with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Both computers keep returning the same error message: unable to start Bluetooth stack services. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluetooth radio drivers and have made sure that the drivers are up to date, but this hasn't worked.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

John Holecek
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I found this already by Google. I did what the post recommended. It didn't help. Thanks for the link, though.

I have had this problem and the root of the problem is corrupt windows system files.
Windows 7 uses Wincomm for bluetooth. See everyone always tells you to reinstall bluetooth drivers but thats not whats causing the problem, its that your bluetooth stack software is corrupt.
First you can try reinstalling your bluetooth software at
Then you can try downloading the program itself and installing it

For me none of them worked, the software was corrupt and none of these "patches" really fixxed anything. My only solution was to get new bluetooth stack software all together from bluesoleil. The only problem is that you are shelling out 30 dollars for something you shouldnt have to pay for.
Unfortunatly, these online "quick fixes" only patch small parts of the windows OS so sometimes you just need a third party replacement like bluesoleil.
However, if you dont use/have bluetooth then just disable bluetooth altogether by typing in "services" in the search box when you press the windows logo in the bottom left corner of your desktop (you know, start) and disabling bluetooth services.
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Hi TechImp,

I was told by a tech person at Thomas Aquinas College in Ventura County (I was there for an event) that the problem is that few bluetooth device drivers for 64-bit Windows 7 have been written. However, I downloaded the latest bluetooth driver for my Lenovo ThinkPad 410, and I no longer get the "Bluetooth stack service unable to load" error. Also, all my bluetooth devices are recognized (two different headphones and my HTC Evo), and all claim they can connect. However, only my phone has true bluetooth functionality.


One more note to tech imp:

A correction to the above. The two headphones do connect. I needed to go into "manage audio devices" and switch the default speaker to the headphones. However, the sound quality was horrible. I think that as Lenovo updates the bluetooth driver, things will go better. I did go to the bluesoleil website. It's a little unclear to me what the program does. Does it bypass windows completely and control all bluetooth functionality through the program?

You are correct about the number of bluetooth drivers and software.
Currently, there are only two which are provided for the internal bluetooth adapter, those produced by Broadcomm and Bluesoleil. A number of companies produced OEM bluetooth drivers (such as lenovo and toshiba) but even less provide managment software.
If you can connect bluesoleil will not help you at this point, all it does is give you an interface with which to manage your phones.
If your quality is horrible a new bluetooth driver from the manufacturer is the only thing that will really help.
However, when you go to manage bluetooth devices, go to servivces, and make sure you have all the options checked.
Typically bluetooth headsets have two quality modes one is a low quality connection for conversations on the phone and the other is a headphone mode (often listed as stereo or "media" connection" which is far superior.


I had this same problem but the solution turned out to be to update the USB driver software and not the bluetooth software.

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