Picture people vs Olan Mills

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Can you please share any personal experience with the above two portrait place, and any pros and cons you can share..

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Picture people costs more here, but they did the best job and had great options for storing your photos. If you join their club, they will store your photos online for a year. Granted to buy the pics from this is pricey, but it gives a good way to keep these shots. If you buy stuff while there, you can get some discounts. Also, we go with our monthly free 10X8 coupon and sometimes will get that and nothing else. All of the pictures though are stored online in case you would like to see or order them.

They had great photographers here.

One thing to note though is that the picture quality really depends on the photographer. Some are great, others not.

Olan Mills was good for a one time package, but we stopped using them awhile ago because they did not store photos. Oyu could buy a CD. Also, they are chained with Target which makes me leery. I love Target, but any photoshop I have used attached to another business usually were not great for me.


Thanks for your input.

So, if online storage was not an issue, and OM was not associated with Target, you would have same disposition towards both? Which one will get your approval in that case?
I have been to both and thought that PP felt more like photographers and OM was more like a company that did pictures. Don't get me wrong, both did fine, but I thought that PP were better with poses.

You can almost try both out. P usually do some kind of deal. Free sitting, so you can get shots taken and see how they do. You will be sold to heavily after the shoot, but stick to your guns and you can leave with a free 8X 10 if you have the coupon. They will store the pictures for 3 months.

Then try OM and buy the sale package and see what you think. I mentioned before that it really comes down to who you have as a photographer. You could have bad in both.
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Thanks for your input, snurker

For PP do you mean this for the coupon:

because you mentioned "you can leave with a free 8X 10 if you have the coupon"

also can you suggest the link for the sale package you referred to for OM..

thanks again..

yes. on PP

The olan mills coupons came in the newspaper at times. There is not much available right now.

Here is a link for some information on their coupons.



thanks again.

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