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I am using Server 2003 with XP Pro Clients. Management want all users to have the same picture for their desktop. I have enabled this with a global GPO. However we use Remote desktop and loading the picture is taking a long time. The size of the picture is 120 kb. Is there a way that I can disable the picture for RDC, or is there another way around this?

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Hello, I don't know on the server, but on the clients, in remote desktop, options, advanced tab, disable the box "Desktop background"


Sorry I didn't explain - this is actually on the server that I use for RDC. It is picking up the GPO when the remote user logs on.
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you could host the image somewhere the server doesn't readily have access to.. like on the local C:\ drives of all the workstations, but not on the server.

that way the workstations will still have it, but the server won't, so it'll be blank
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Yeah bryon... they can copy the image to c:\8.jpg and change the path of the picture in global GPO to local path. this will work we are doing the same way in our organization.
on the remote desktop console did you tick the options - experience - themes? or on older versions "disable background". And to optimize speed put 56k connection...
Sorry, I mean untick themes

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