How to add Google Alerts feeds to a WordPress page

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Can anyone tell me, with easy step by step instructions, how to add Google Alerts feeds to pages in WordPress?
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Google alerts can provide a RSS feed

From that feed you really have 3 options

If you just want casual access, you could just use a widget, or add it to your WP Admin panel as an additional feed.

If you want it on a public page, you can use one of many plugins to insert RSS within a page, or there is also pretty simple instructions to create your own short code for inserting RSS feeds

The last option would be to have Google alerts posted as blog posts - in that case you would use a plugin such as WPoMatic or Feed WordPress to create posts automatically from the RSS feed.

There are also lots of commercial plugins for handling creating posts from RSS feeds, so it really depends on exactly what you want to achieve.


I want to put it on a public page. Yes there does seem to be many plugins.  Can you suggest one.  It was after looking at the plugins and getting confused that I decided to ask the question here.
That would really require a more complete specification as to how you want the content to appear, whether there should be a permanent record etc.

If it was for private consumption there are also plugins (or you might use Yahoo Pipes) that attempt to pull in the whole content even when provided just a link, but in public that would often be looked on as plagiarism depending on the specific query and content being grabbed.

I can help with your decision process, but you need to be a lot more specific.

The simplest way is to just use a RSS widget
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Try Wp-o-Mattic ( or FeedWordpress ( I prefer first one. Bot of them basically do the same thing pull out the content from RSS feeds (multiple ones supported) and import them as WordPress posts. Both of them highly configurable.


Thanks javario.  The two links looks very interesting. I will certainly try out these plugins.

Meanwhile I managed to get a feed 'sort of' working by creating a new theme template page and inserting some 'Simple Pie' code.  I say sort of, because although it displays the feed OK it never seems to update?  I have a number Google Alert feeds set up and tried with a few of them.  It seems to pull down the same items each time? If you click on the alert link within google alerts inself all the latest feeds are shown.

Any ideas?

The code is very simple:

$feed = fetch_feed('');
foreach ($feed->get_items() as $item){
printf('<a href="%s" target="_BLANK" >%s</a>', $item->get_permalink(), $item->get_title());
printf('<p>%s</p>', $item->get_description());
I did mention those plugins in my first post just didn't provide a whole load of links to every possibility.

With your code you most likely have a cache issue

This article has info on how to hook the cache time.

Why you need to add Google Alerts to your site?


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