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Running 16 bit applications on Windows 7 or Vista

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I have a suftware that i run on my customers that is completely windows compatible except for and executable that runs in a DOS mode.  I had no problen running it on Windows Xp but now on 7 64 bits i cant. I tried changing the compatibility on the executable but ir doesent work.  Any idea? I found a Microsoft Program that might work but it only runs on Windows 7 pro and I have basic.  any help?
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You can try VMLite (http://www.vmlite.com), or DOSBox. Native 16-bit applications are not supported in Microsoft's 64-bit OSes.
You can install virtual pc (free download) on you box and host a different verion of windows like XP or a 32 bit edition of windows.
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If you're running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate edition I would advise you to try Windows XP Mode.
It is easy and fast on the setup and you application will work for sure.
What's the best of it, you can make a shortcut on your Windows 7 desktop which will point to your 16-bit application in XP mode.
Unfortunately, the OP stated he has Windows 7 Basic (Home Premium)
NikSystems Specialist

Well, if this application is really important, I would upgrade Windows 7 to Professional Edition or if that's not an option, then I'd go with jtanton359 suggestion.
Download Virtual PC and install Windows XP OS, but have in mind that in that case you need a valid license for Windows XP. On the other hand, Windows XP Mode is free with mentioned systems above.


I upgraded to Ultimate, it worked
NikSystems Specialist

I don't get this, I recommended the upgrade and haven't received the points?
erenta, can you please explain?