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Whats the js for "Month view" in Calendar?

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I'm trying to hide the ribbon in the calendar (simple placeholder around it and hide that) but i need a "Back to month view" javascript call.

When someone clicks on a day it goes into the day view, i just need to be able to get back out to the month view.

All i can get out of it is "href="javascript:;" onclick="return false;" on the surrounding link which doesn't help me much.

Is it possible to do?

And if it is, can you tell me how you found it so i can use the same method next time (yes i have tried googling for this)

Thanks for any help or guidance.
<a unselectable="on" href="javascript:;" onclick="return false;" class="ms-cui-ctl-large ms-cui-ctl-on" aria-describedby="Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Scope.Month_ToolTip" mscui:controltype="ToggleButton" role="button" id="Ribbon.Calendar.Calendar.Scope.Month-Large">

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Try: href="javascript:MoveView('month');"

Let me know if that works.


That worked, thanks heaps for it!

Where did you find it?  Is there any reference to some of the other methods i can use?
I looked at what showed up in the status bar when I hovered over a link to the month view.  Embarassingly simple really.


I never had those links, i only worked with the ribbon and the onclick was return false and the href was ";" so there wouldn't be anything in the status bar.

I did find later there were some day/week/month links in the split view but it's never been rendered to the screen ever.
Ahh, I see.  

Glad I was able to help you out!


Excellent !! NubianRugby :)