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JList -> ListModel, adding items

rossryan used Ask the Experts™
Hello All,

Having some trouble with JLists. Here's how it goes.

I have created (visually, with NetBeans) a JList. And I need to update (on demand) the items displayed in the JList. I can't find a way to do this.

Everywhere I look, code says to create a new Jlist, with a listdefaultmodel, and jScollpane. It's not doing anything for me. What I want to do is update an already existing JList (given that it was created visually, I don't think setting the existing JList variable to a new JList is going to do anything, but I tried anyway, and yes, it does nothing).

So, how do I update an already existing JList?

private javax.swing.JList jList_Trips;
private javax.swing.JScrollPane jScrollPane_Trips;

private void RefreshList() {

        DefaultListModel data = new DefaultListModel();
        jList_Trips = new JList(data);
        jScrollPane_Trips = new JScrollPane(jList_Trips);


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private void RefreshList() {

        DefaultListModel data = new DefaultListModel();

alternatively keep the model as a member var and add new elements to it