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Hi Experts,

I am having difficulties to restore one of the sharepoint database on a new server. The situation is like this

On my old Sharepoint Server I've run a backup operation from Central Administration (CA) and it's successful.

On the new Sharepoint Server I go into CA and click on Restore from backup and point it to the location where i have the backup file. It then find the database properly and show up the backup information. I then select the sharepoint i'd like to restore and fill in all the SQL information then click Continue.

After about few seconds, it show up the following error message

Use this page to view the backup or restore job status.    

Status: Current backup/restore process has failed.
View all timer job information:

Timer Job Status
Timer Job Definitions

The backup/restore job failed. In order to rerun the backup/restore the timer job must be deleted from the Timer Job Definitions page. Failure Message: Access to the path 'C:\sharepointbackup\spbrtoc.xml' is denied.

Anyone know what's wrong with this database restore?

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It sounds like the file permissions are blocking access to the backed up file's path. Try adding the Sharepoint farm administrator and/or the IIS account's to the read permissions for the backup folder (and ensure they are inherited to the files).


I already give that file access permission to "Everyone" shouldn't that be enough?

thanks :)

Try sharing the folder 'C:\sharepointbackup'  then give everyone read/write access (on both share en security tab)  and then access the backup thru the share "\\MyServer\SharePointBackup\"

(Make sure that the network service and System have read/write)


Hi Bart-Vandyck,

Your method did the trick.


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