USB Keyboard runs on XP, but not on Win 7 Pro

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Hi everyone,

  I have this a4 tech kls-5up usb port keyboard. This works in my computer running on win xp home. On the other hand, it doesn't work in my other computer using Windows 7 Professional. Do you know where can I get a driver for Windows 7 Professional?  Or how do I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
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The generic driver doesn't load?

Here is the MFG website:
And Windows 7 isn't listed but if you go to the driver page:

IT states: "no driver is required"

Are the USB ports turned on on this other machine?
What error do you see in Device Manager?
Do any other USB devices work?   Can you test a different port?

How are the USB ports configured in BIOS (are they accepting legacy devices?)


Hi Plantwiz,

 This is the error message found in the DM, "Windows has stopped the device because it has reported problem. (Code 43)


"How are the USB ports configured in BIOS (are they accepting legacy devices?)" - where do I look for this in BIOS?
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You enter your BIOS seconds after powerup.  It depends on the BIOS you have, but it will likley be F2 or F10 maybe even Del

You are not familiar with this process??


As for CODE 43:
Device Driver has failed (which you already stated in your OP).

Have you attempted any fixes?
Such as, removing the driver and letting it be refound?
Have you tried a different KB?

I rarely will use Generic KB for clients.
-MS if my first choice (regardless of the OS)
-Logitech is my second (though I still run into driver issues with these).
-Generic, should work, but I'll only use these on my boxes...and once I find a KB, I keep it many, many years.

For $10-$15 you can get a new KB and likely be done with this.

The MFG would be your source of contact for a working driver.  As I posted earlier, they don't have any listed as they don't recommend it.  I demoted a Xerox Print Device because they (the MFG) refused to create drivers for x64 bit and VIsta or rather then fight it, I just resolved I'd only use HP branded print devices, period.

Bottom line - you need  a working driver.
I'd contact the MFG and see what they have as a solution.  If no solution, replace the device.

(or write your own driver ;) )....not recommended in this case.


I may have mis-read your question on the BIOS, my apology.

What BIOS are you using?

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i have seen some pc's with that problem - where it simply does not run with a certain keyboard - and runs fine with another one. - never saw anything about a cure
is it a Dell you have?
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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I agree with nobus, I've had USB mice and keyboards that didn't seem to 'like' certain machines.  Try another keyboard.
would like to suggest you to have a try the steps below when you having problem with that keyboard:

Go to Device Manager > click on the USB device that with " ! " (when the time the device having problem, it will show this " ! " under device manager) , right click > Select "Update Driver" .... most of the time the USB Driver able to update through the internet once you got the network connection with it .... let it search through the internet for the USB Drivers update ........ Hope this help ....


Thanks for your inputs! A simple restart did the trick!!! :D So far, I didn't encounter the same problem.
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tx for the feedback - sometimes the easiest things are forgotten..

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