Sony PS3 Error Code 8002f281

Hi everyone, I have a Playstation 3 80GB model that gut stuck in an update loop after trying to update the firmware. I was able to stop the update loop by removing the hard drive and then eventually went in to the systems safe mode. Problem is none of the options there work. They either say hard drive not found or not accessible. And when trying the update system option it just stays on the checking please wait screen then eventually freezes or gives me " a serious error has occurred call sony technical support error 8002f281". I have taken the hard drive out and reformatted it to fat 32 several times but once in the ps3 it seems to just corrupt it or something because I have to reformat it on the computer again. Anybody know how to fix this problem?  
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RartemassLife CoachCommented:
Try the following:
-Download Ubuntu LiveCD ( and burn to disc (or USB stick).
-Disconnect HDD from your PC (when power if off). Plug in PS3 HDD into PC and boot using Ubuntu LiveCD. The PS3 HDD needs to be the first HDD on the system. Its best to be the only one.
-At the terminal type the below code and hit enter.
For a 80Gb drive it should take about an hour (depending on your PC specs).

-Once done plug it back into the PS3 and turn on. The system should prompt you to enter a USB stick with the firmware on it. The firmware is about a hundred mg and can be obtained from Just ensure you download from the correct region. Current version is 3.40. Just search for "PS3 firmware download" and click on the official site.

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=10M

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cyrax01Author Commented:
Hi Rartemass, Sorry for not responding sooner, I got the hard drive going again by formatting it with another working console. Turns out the new updates for the PS3 check for hardware faults or modifications and my problem seemed to be a faulty connection to the Blue ray drive. Once I made sure the connection was good the update went through. I already have the ubuntu 10.04 live cd because I recently installed it to both of my computers. My question is what would the command be if I did it while running ubuntu of the hard drive, and would it work if the hard drive to get zero filled was connected with a usb cable instead of directly to the motherboard by an sata or ide connection.
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
It should work on other hard drives as long as they are detect by the system
You will need to determine the logical name of the device and enter that into the command line. The of=/dev/sda is the hard drive to format.

This page should help you with finding the name of your drive:

Once found replace the /dev/sda with the one you want filled with all zeros.
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cyrax01Author Commented:
Thanks for your help Rartemass, I'll have to try your suggestion next time the need arises.
cyrax01Author Commented:
Even thou I didn't get the chance to try the solution I'm sure that would have fixed the drive if was not physically damaged.
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
No worries, glad its all OK now. Happy gaming.
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