Cannot delete inactive datastore and other issues

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I cannot delete an inactive datastore from my cluster. It shows under Inventory, Datastores. But it doesn't show under Hosts and Clusters. I am a newbie and I probably did some stupid things along the way.

I had that datastore available yesterday. Then I installed the Rollup Update 2 on both hosts successfully. When it came back on, the system said it removed the problematic datastore. I didn't do it, or at least I'm sure that I didn't. So then I tried to add it again and that's when it said to use the same signature or resign it. I think I made a mistake because it created a new datastore starting with the "snapxxxxxxx...". 2 VMs cannot start because some of their VMDKs were on that datastore. I have a copy of the folders for both VMs and I backed them up to be safe. But how do I fix this issue now? I'm sorry if I don't explain this right. I am sweating right now...

What should I do? I tried to delete the inactive datastore so I could recreate one with the same name. It won't let me delete it. Can't even select that option as it is greyed out. Or do I need to rebuild the VMs or reconfigure them?
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Are the 2 VM's on the new created Datastore or not?
To bring the VM's up with the new datastore you have to remove (!! do not Delete the Files)  the old Disks from the VM and reconnect the Disks from the new namend Datastore.
If you got snapshots on the VM's this will be a litte tricky.
After this it should be possible to start the VM's.

So to delete the inactive Datastores try this.

Be shure that no VM has the old Datastore in USE, like Hard Disk or for Image Mounting for CD/DVD

Refresh the Storage Adapters in the Configuration Tab of each Host. (Do this on by one)
Refresh the Storage in the Configuration Tab of each Host. (Do this on by one)

Also take a look at this:

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I removed them from inventory and recreated by pointing to the new datastore. All is well, they booted just fine. Again I can't thank you enough!!

Now regarding the inactive datastore, there is something weird. Under Inventory, Datastores for that inactive datastore, I select the Summary tab, then under General it says "Virtual Machines and Templates: 1". But if I try to browse that datastore, there is absolutely nothing. It's empty. Any ideas?

Own Company
Are you missing something ?
The old Datastore is here with the new name.
All things should be there.
The old  Datastore is only here a like a ghost.

Try the solution

Best Regrads



It's good. I guess I wish i could remove it. That link you sent me makes me nervous. Obviously because I am a newbie and I went through hell today trying to fix this issue. Anways, thanks again for everything.

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