Why does the Web Part Connection not work?

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I have created a Web Part Connection to display data from an SQL database when a certain row of a Sharepoint list is selected. This works perfectly when the two Web Parts involved reside on the same page. However it never works when the two Web Parts are on different pages within the same site.
The web part connection wizard works perfectly in both cases ie no errors. However when you go back in to modify the created connection it always says the target web part is unavailable and the target action is unavailable...although if you step through the wizard again all the steps work apparently correctly.
Can anyone offer a suggestion on this most frustrating problem.
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Are you using SharePoint designer for creating webpart connections across pages ?

SharePoint out-of-box can create Web Part connections on the same Web Part Page. However, you can create connections between Web Parts on two different Web Part Pages in the same top-level site by using a Web design program that is compatible with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.


References to making webparts connections using SharePoint Designer -

I hope it helps.

Cheers ....
Rajendra Shekhawat

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