email restrict the email size lotus notes users/groups

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How can I restrict the email size for individual user and groups for smtp internet mails and internal emails.
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Since you want to use different quotas for different users and therefore cannot use the Configurations Settings server-wide, you have to customize the design of the Mail template.

put your code in the QuerySave and QueryClose events.
assign different roles and test for those in the code
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I would also check to see if any of the server based rules may help - this may be server version dependent.

See the Notes Admin client help

I hope this helps !
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Will the code work in notes client and web browser.?
Code in QuerySave  is for the Notes Client. For web mail you should use server based stuff


I think MS exchange is better than lotus. Lotus not even giving these kind of basic features.
only problem is that exchange is much more expensive, need to spend more on licensing and support


But it is worth to pay for it.
jobby1, this is not a forum to bash Lotus.  Any Domino admin can rattle off a ton of things Domino can do that Exchange cannot.  This is also true the other way around.  That does not make one platform the hands-down winner over the other.  There are a myriad of technical papers where professionals have debated this question and nobody ever comes out the winner.  It comes down to personal preference, corporate needs and cost.  I hate Exchange and love Lotus.  You are obviously the reverse.

To answer the question, Domino allows the admin to put a global size limit on all emails.  There is no place to limit an individual user to a specific email size.  Each user can have a different total email size limit (I.E. entire database cannot exceed 1gb), but to limit a specific user to only send out emails less than 1gb is not built into Domino.

To have this functionality would be an administrative nightmare.
Hear hear, gartland291.

indeed, the overall message size limit is possible.  I have also seen the per user limit implemented by changing the mail template.

I have also witnessed better results if users are properly educated, and provided with the proper tools, like document libraries to share files with.  This works for both notes client and browser based Domino users.

Domino gets more powerful when educated properly.  Same as you drive a vehicule a lot better when properly educated.

You are correct in stating that the message size limit can be implemented by changing the mail template.  It's just in my experience, most casual users and admins have no idea how to do this.  I just generally don't suggest solutions that take an experienced developer to do.

That being said, there's probably a ton of contract developers that would do this for a fee.

Given recent discussions in the yellowsphere, I have no problem stinmulating this!

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