Fonera wireless router conenctivity issues

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I have a Fonera wireless router - firmware version 1.1.2 r1 - connected to my ZTE Router. I have problems connecting to it every week. I changed the channel to six and use b/g mode. The problems I have are the Fonera open network FON_ISP_NAME getting picked up before Myplace. Myplace is private and the Fon network is public. The network strength of both is the same but often the public one get's picked where I need to add a Fon password and user name for registered users.  If I would register @ I would share my wifi point and as I use this connection for my business I am not sure I want to do that.
Q 1 How can I turn of the public part?, Q 2 How can I remove a network, Q3 Why does the network sometimes say my WAP password is wrong while it is correct and decides so later on?

NB I have a MBP OSX 10.6.4 with Airport:
MyPlace (Network used):
  PHY Mode:      802.11g
  BSSID:      0:18:84:a4:1:5a
  Channel:      6
  Network Type:      Infrastructure
  Security:      WPA Personal
  Signal / Noise:      -44 dBm / -91 dBm
  Transmit Rate:      54
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The software for most wireless routers will allow you to not broadcast the SSID, this is where you would turn of the public from seeing this network.

If the networks are similar in strength and the areas overlap, you may have some of the issues that describe. I wouldn't share any wifi connection with the general public, especially a business connection.


Thanks for the advice. Will see if I can turn off public wifi without shutting myself out or causing wifi network to die.

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