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Citrix Error: Windows cannot find '(null)' when opening UNC path from an embedded links in published IE8

atigris used Ask the Experts™
OK I'm having a problem and I a post online on citrix forums with very good explanation so I'm going to paste it here:

Users running published Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and trying to launch an UNC path from an embedded link and get the following error (See attached jpg)

Windows cannot find '(null)' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.

The UNC path is still opening, but not without the error.

Here are our findings:
IE6 works fine.
IE7 have the issue.
IE8 have the issue.

- The issue is only if IE8 is a published application.
- It works very fine in a published desktop.
- There is no problem on the console or with RDP desktop.
- Testing with local administrator rights returns the same error.
- Blocking GPO's and new profile result in the same error.
- map their sessions ti the same drive dose not seem to fix the issue - since they still can open the folder when they click on the link which means that mapping is OK.

Please Advice.
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Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure Engineer

Have you tried publishing Internet Explorer with the -e switch?

“c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" -e

...and then trying the file:// link?

We have the same issue, which I believe is related to IE7/IE8 and hasn't been resolved. Am I right in saying that when you click OK, the box disappears and the folder opens anyway?



Yes; the box will open when we click OK. so I'm having the same issue you are having.  
 -e switch in IE6 works just fine. But my client dose not want to work with IE6 anymore and he want's to use IE8.

Any other things that we can try ??


Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure Engineer

I haven't been able to find any resolution for this. The only suggestions by Citrix are to revert back to IE6. Not really an answer in my opinion!

Top Expert 2010

Did the hotfix you were going to try in the post below work?

Ok, I did a very long research and came with the conclusion that this is not a Citrix issue ; since it happens as well with RDP. (I never had the opportunity to test it via RDP my self) but I read that it also happens with published IE8 via Terminal Services. So it is most likely a Microsoft issue.

it seems like there is no solution for this issue other than asking the website programmer to update the code of the website to make it compatible with IE8. as the html code for UNC path that is compatible with  IE6 is no longer compatible with IE8.

If anyone have any updates on this ; I really would live to see it.