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Hi everyone,  

 I have an Acer Aspire One AOA150 with Intel Atom processor N270 (1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 512 KB L2 cache) and 1.5G RAM and Windows 7 Professional is my current OS. According to acer technical support, I can't upgrade my RAM higher than what it is now. So, is there anyway to add up more speed to my Windows 7 Professional using different methods? Like what could I safely disable in Win 7 Pro; like unnecessary background applications? Is it possible to make use of a USB flash drive to add up RAM?
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Good Luck.
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there are various articles available.
You can start with this one and see if you'll notice any improvements.
You can try Ready boot USB flash drive to add up more RAM but if Hardware itself has a limit then you can no increase any more.

Go to Start-->run-->Msconfig and remove unused application from start up and disable any non microsoft application to run continuously also go stop any microsoft soft services that you do not require.

Check attached Screenshot.
I think i have not explained my ideas properly. Sorry for that.
Go to Computer Properties
Then Select Advanced System Settings in Left Side Bar
Next window Go to Advanced Tab (Its automatically selected)
Click settings button under Performance
Select Advanced Tab and click Change Button
Select the Partition and add some space from that to virtual memory
Now restart the machine and check


For a netbook machine it is advisable to use Windows 7 Starter edition - it's a windows 7 edition that is created especially for lower end systems with less ram and cpu power. I used this version on a netbook and everything was running smoothly and as good as windows xp.
Ensure that you you do not have any unnecessary start up applications, you can disable it in Msconfig as the previous expert comment

Make sure that you are using the latest divers for all your hardware and update the BIOS

Use a light weight antivirus like Microsoft security essentials, its free and good

De fragment all the hard drives in safe mode

apply the latest OS  patches

Set the pagefile size to 1.5 times of ram, both initial and maximum size

Reboot and test

Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UK

I agree with KOTiS, you should have the Starter edition on your system, or the Aero interface and major requirements of the Pro version is going to slow up the whole system.  I have a Samsung N220 netbook with Win 7 started and 2GB RAM and it works very well.

most netbook's support a single 2GB module, but the single slot can only take 1GB max and there is 512MB soldered -- Win 7 with 1.5GB is pushing it a bit, the unit will be struggling for resources.  I run Win 7 Pro and require about 2GB+ just to get to the desktop.

there is a reason why this netbook is supplied with XP Home Edition, did you check with Acer to see if they support putting Win 7 on this device (and supply drivers/software)??

using classic type theme could increase windows 7 performance
@xtreminator: Its true but i think then using xp is a better idea rather than using classic theme with 7
Its my idea dont get me wrong


Hi everyone,

  Thanks for your help! I understand re start up edition, but Win 7 is all I have right now. About xp, well I really find Win 7 functionalities such as it's search in Start menu very useful. Again many thanks :D

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