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I'm trying to install an update for .NET4 on a Windows 2008 box and I keep getting the error #80200053.  All the other updates installed fine but this one refuses to install.  I've tried it three times with no luck. I don't believe it is a virus or anti-virus software because the machine is a clean install currently without anti-virus software installed.  I've tring it with the firewall disabled and I still get the error. Does anybody have any ideas?
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1)      Find whatever security program is installed on your machine, and temporarily disable it.
a.       It may take some digging to find this option, as many security programs don't like the idea of being "turned off" … look for options like “disable real-time scanning,” “suspend real-time scanning,” or the like. If you’re lucky, right-clicking on the icon in your taskbar will show an option to disable, but I’ve found that option is being included less and less frequently on right-clicking the taskbar icon in security programs.
2)      Run services.msc (Start > Run, “services.msc” and hit Enter)
3)      Find the “Windows Update” service
4)      Stop the service and then start the service again.
5)      Run Windows update
6)      Install any updates
7)      After completing the installation, be sure to re-enable your security program to normal functionality.

Hope this helps.
Try downloading the software manually instead of using the Windows Update if you have not already. Also see if this link helps at all:

It's highly likely that there is another process using the DotNet framework that does not want to relinquish the files.
Try shutting down common DotNet users like IIS before installing the update.
Otherwise try uninstalling the previous version & then re-installing DotNet.
There are certain caveats to doing this - a lot of programs get very unhappy with uninstalling DotNet, but most are OK after the new version is installed. Get proper backups ahead of time. If it's a VM, get a snapshot.


Problem solved.  .NET 3.5 updates auto installed and now I was able to install .NET 4.0 with no problem.

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