Backing up / archive gmail to my local / USB disk (& read using Outlook ?)

sunhux used Ask the Experts™

I can archive to my local disk my Outlook (& Notes emails) so the disk space in Outlook
can be freed up.

I would like to do likewise for my thousands of gmail : ie archive them to my local or
USB hard disk so that I can browse it locally using Outlook or any other tools

Any suggestions?
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You can hook Outlook up to gmail using the POP settings.  After you download all the mail, you can archive it.

Note:  You will have to manually delete it off the gmail server once you are done.
Note2: All your sent mail from gmail will show up in your inbox.  i create a rule in outlook to move these to the sent items folder to keep it neat.

Installing Gmail offline
Now, you can read and send messages while you're offline. Just follow these steps to set up your offline access:

   1. From your inbox, click the Settings link at the top of the Gmail page.
   2. Select the 'Offline' tab in your Gmail Settings and select the 'Enable Offline Mail for this computer' radio button. Adjust any other offline settings on the 'Offline' tab before installing Offline. Click Save changes.
   3. You'll see a prompt from Gears to start downloading your messages onto your computer. If you don't have Gears installed, Gmail will help you install it (you can also download it here). You may need to restart your browser after installing Gears. If you already have Gears installed (for example, to use Google Docs offline), you won't need to install it again, but you'll be prompted to allow permission for Gmail to access Gears. Click the allow link.
   4. Your messages will be downloaded to your computer. Depending on the size of your account, this may take a while the first time, but you can check on your progress in the status box near the Settings link.



Thanks chaps.

For Wdurrett's solution,
>  I create a rule in outlook to move these to the sent folder
May I know how the outlook rule looks like?

For Madunix's solution, suppose I wanted to clear away those mails in Gmail but
retain only the copy on my local/USB disk, is this possible?  Don't want the syncin'g
create an imap connection to your gmail account, forward all incoming mail on that account using a rule to your local inbox (pst), and then go down the tree in outlook into gmail and delete the ones you want rid of whilst keeping a copy in your local inbox.
You can access the gmail account anytime as part of your outlook configuration and see a 'live' copy of your gmail.
(This is what i do with a couple of my external email accounts.)
Simply create a rule that says anything with your gmail address as the sender gets automatically moved to the sent items folder.

best way to do this> POP your gmail (forget the IMAP idea, it is a waste of time).  After you d-load the messages, right click on one of the ones sent by you, select create rule and then follow the wizard.  after it is done, click Run Now and all the messages will be moved.

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