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Disk expansion, missing space.

bouvet_asa used Ask the Experts™

I have an Proliant DL385 G1 with one Smart Array 6400 Controller card.
OS is : Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2

I have expanded the disk array from 3 to 4 physical disks on a Raid 5 setup. The disk size is 146GB.

Windows explorer is reporting only 273GB as total size ??
I have attached a picture of disk management, it seems correct to me.

What is wrong ?, i have updated the firmware and software of 6400 controller and restarted the server, same problem.

Tested a 3rd party tool (Paragorn disk manager), and it reports the correct disk size of 410.1 GB

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How come you are using Dynamic? Is it the Windows RAID that you setup? Seems the total is the 67.83Gb and the 205.63 showing up and not the 136.73Gb. Seems to be spanned but not on a raid. Did you try to remove the disk and then readd it? Download the smart array's software from the hp website
and look for the right model

Gary CaseRetired
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2009

You have expanded the RAID container to the new size;  but you haven't expanded the logical drive within that container to use the new space.

Use DiskPart to expand the partition -- then you'll see the new space.
IT Product Manager
Top Expert 2009
Backup the E: volume - rebuild the RAID as single HDD and restore from backup image. It will restore as single partition (not extended dynamic one that you have currently).
As far as I know Paragon Drive Backup 10 can handle this.
Something went wrong with Windows PartMgr which is responsible for volumes work. And best if you go via backup - reconfiguration cause extended dynamic is a dead end.
Gary CaseRetired
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2009
Looking again at your Disk Management display, you apparently added the new drive as a 2nd partition on logical Disk 1 rather than expanding its current partition.    Apparently there's something messed up in the dynamic disk linking, as Explorer isn't showing this new space.    What you SHOULD have done was use DiskPart [http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325590 ] to extend the existing partition into the new space you created.

HOWEVER ... I agree your best solution is to create a single large "disk" ==>  just back everything up;  delete the current array; and build a new array using all of your disks for a single logical disk.    You can then use this disk as either a basic or dynamic volume ... in either case it will contain all of your space.


We use dynamic disk to add the new space in windows
We use the Array Configuration utility to add and remove disks to the raid.

Hmm, it shows 2 logical drives, i dont know how that is possible.

Gary CaseRetired
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2009
That's what I was noting above  ==>  somehow when the array was configured it was divided into two logical drives; and one of those drives was (in Windows Disk Management) partitioned into two partitions ... the dynamic disk management in Windows isn't adding the 2nd partition to your logical E: drive.

I doubt the two drives can be combined in your Smart Array configuration utility ==> the only way to have a single unified drive is to wipe out the current configurations and create a single drive  ==> you can then choose whether to make this dynamic or leave it as a basic disk in Windows' Disk Management.    Generally I prefer basic disks;  but if you'll need to expand this with additional "drives" later, then the dynamic disk structure will allow you to do so.
noxchoIT Product Manager
Top Expert 2009

Start backup and reconfigure the RAID.