antimalware hidden in a file-  PUA.Packed.ASPack

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Hi, I downloaded a file from a friend (he is good with computer stuff and he found a program for me) but before I run it I want to scan it to make sure its not a virus or anything. So I scanned it with  the website "". Basically I upload the file to that site, and it uses 41 different scanning softwares to determine if the file is suspicious or not. I got the results back and only 1/41 found something suspicious. The software called ClamAV found the following posable threat: PUA.Packed.ASPack

How can I determine if this is an actual virus / malware or not? If I test and install it, how would I know if it was infected or not?
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It shouldn't contain a virus if 1/41 found something suspicious. The engines of antivirus programs try to guess if something's a virus or not (besides searching for known viruses), and you're probably dealing with a failed guess. I'd worry if the rate was much higher, but 1/41 would assure me that my file's clean.

There are some pretty paranoid virus scanners included in virustotal's list, and if the check has passed most of them...I'd say run the file.

If it's a file you won't install, but just use a couple of times, you'd be near 100% safe to install it in a Virtual Machine environment; but that's quite tedious and time consuming given the situation.
Probably a false positive by ClamAV, it appears to be famous for it. I wouldn't be concerned about it and go ahead and install the software.
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I think it's just a false positive...I would be concern if there were few AVs that found the file infected and if the AVs were Kaspersky, McAfee, Nod32, and other sophisticated AV engines.
But only ClamAv? very likely to be false positive, don't worry about it.



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