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We have an ASUS A6R Notebook and want to recover it back to factory settings.  I've heard this can be done with a combination of keys at boot but so far all the ones I've tried do not work. (see below)

alt + F9
alt + F10
alt + F11

ctrl + F9
ctrl + F10
ctrl + F11

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Do you mean that you would like to return the notebook's BIOS settings to the defaults?

BIOS setting pages are usually reached by turning the laptop on, waiting for the screen to display the first startup message (not the XP/7/Vista startup screen, but the system startup screen), and then pressing F2.  This should cause a message similar to "Entering setup mode ..." to appear.  After the system finishes the power-on self-test, it will go tothe BIOS setting screens.  One of the displayed options should be similar to "Default settings," which will return it to the way it was originally configured.

This assumes that nobody has put an administrator password on the BIOS, or if there is one, that you know what it is.
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Try F9 without Alt or CTRL.

One thing though, in order for this to work, the PC needs a recovery partition on the HD. If that recovery partition isn't there or was deleted by the user, you will need to restore from CD's or DVD's.
If you want to restore the operating system you need to hold down the F1 key on boot up then follow the istructions.  This of course  presumes that the special partition hasn't been removed in the past.

As mentioned above if you do not have the recovery DVD which comes with most new laptops you need to attempt to boot into the recovery partition. Not all versions of asus laptops offer this functionality without the use of a recovery DVD.

Have you noticed a hidden partition on the disk in the past? (other than the small ones vista and 7 use for boot)


Thanks I had been told this machine had the recovery partiition, but now that I have checked it out, it's not there.  Thanks for all the advice.  J



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