VmWare on Win7 x64 - Failed to take snapshot of source volume

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I cannot convert my Win7x64 work environment to VM using the VmWare Workstation 7.1. :-(
All the time it reports errors like - "Vsnap does not have admin rights", "Failed to take snapshot of source volume" and blah-blah. Please see a piece of a log file enclosed.
I have browsed lot of resources, tried different options but all of them do not work. :-(

Also I have following message in system events:

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: A critical component required by the Volume Shadow Copy service is not registered. This might happened if an error occurred during Windows setup or during installation of a Shadow Copy provider. The error returned from CoCreateInstance on class with CLSID {e579ab5f-1cc4-44b4-bed9-de0991ff0623} and Name IVssCoordinatorEx2 is [0x80040154, Class not registered
].  Operation: Instantiating VSS server

Thus, it looks like something wrong with Volume Shadow Copy Service but I do not see what exactly is wrong and how to fix it?!

I have checked all the services required by VmWare are running, typed a commands:
  net start ufad-ws60
  net start "tcp/ip netbios helper"
  net start swprv
  net start vss
And then checked in services.msc that they are really running.

Also a detail: the VmWare convertion wizard started fine, I specified all parameters and clicked [Finish] to start converting process. It created a target VM, wrote a message "Taking a snapshot of the volume" and immediately fail. Here are the messages it shows in a GUI:
    11:36                Step 1: Connecting to VMware Converter Agent on localhost
    11:36                Step 2: Creating target virtual machine and converting data
    11:36                        Configuring parameters for the target virtual machine...
    11:36                        Creating target virtual machine...
    11:36                        Taking a snapshot of the volume...
    11:36                                ERROR: Failed to take snapshot of a source volume.
Possible causes include not having any NTFS volumes on Windows XP or Windows 2003 source systems, and not having enough free disk space.

So, question is - how to make it working?!
How to convert my Win7x64 work computer to VM using a VmWare Workstation 7.1?
Is it possible at all?!

[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.429 'App' 6580 verbose] [snapshotVolumeFactory,148] Creating snapshot using vss
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.429 'App' 5924 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,437] Waiting for updates from CloneTask::task{5}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.430 'App' 5924 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,668] (Re)Start waiting for property updates from CloneTask::task{5}
[2010-07-05 11:08:12.430 'App' 6824 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,749] Got an update from CloneTask::task{5}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.431 'App' 5924 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,437] Waiting for updates from CloneTask::task{5}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.431 'App' 5924 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,668] (Re)Start waiting for property updates from CloneTask::task{5}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.456 'App' 6580 error] [pluginWin32,34] Error 2147754754 creating snapshot.
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.473 'App' 6580 warning] [snapshotVolumeFactory,119] Shapshot creation failed. driver=vss
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.473 'App' 6580 verbose] [snapshotVolumeFactory,148] Creating snapshot using vsnap
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.473 'App' 6580 verbose] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,124] Vsnap does not have admin rights
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.474 'App' 6580 verbose] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,127] Snapshotting \\?\Volume{393bf288-d743-11de-ae9f-806e6f6e6963} using stcbasic.sys
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.474 'App' 6580 error] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,137] stcbasic.sys not installed or snapshot creation failed. err=2
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.553 'App' 196 info] [imageProcessingTaskStep,194] CloneTask::task{5} step "clone volumes" destroyed
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.553 'App' 6580 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: computer={2dede8a6bee646c55c59e6e91b6aa8ca4358c4}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.553 'App' 6580 verbose] [diskSet,114] Cleaning up computer's child objects
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.553 'App' 6580 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=virtVol={computer={2dede8a6bee646c55c59e6e91b6aa8ca4358c4},0}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:12.553 'App' 6580 verbose] [diskSet,140] Unregistring disk id=disk={dacf562b829caca9fa0600d155a744aec906c73}
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:13.487 'App' 196 error] [cloneTask,320] Cloning failed!
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:13.488 'App' 196 error] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,552] CloneTask::task{5}: Image processing task has failed with MethodFault::Exception: sysimage.fault.SnapshotError
[#2] [2010-07-05 11:08:13.488 'App' 196 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,154] CloneTask::task{5}: SetState to error

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where were you saving the snapshot as windows 7 has permissions on c: that where not in previous versions and its a feature!


Ah, yes. Forgot to tell - I'm saving the snapshot to a "K:\VM\vmWsXxx-WI7\". Where K: is a large USB-HDD, "vmWsXxx-WI7" is name of existing folder there. Of course - it has all required permissions to access it and it has more than enough free space on it (about 1Tb free space).

Also some more details:
* system disk size on my computer = 150gb, 60Gb allocated, 90Gb freespace, so - it is not too big.
* also I have tried to create snapshot at D:\vm\vmWsXxx-WI7 - disk D: is a 2nd HDD in my computer, which also has lot of space and all required access permissions.
* the "VMware Agent Service" service is running from the domain user "DOMx\zzzzz" which belongs to the a local Administrators group and the same as a logged user.
* also I have tried to do the same from the local Administrator user.
* UAC feature on Win7 is turned off

Am I forgot anything?...

Another part of question - VmWare tells they do support disk images created by Acronis TrueImage. I have tried this way also - I have created a disk image of my system using Acronis TrueImage Home 2010, then tried to convert disk image to VM. VmWare reported "file maybe corrupt or in unsupported format". Which makes me think - there are bugs in VmWare or in TrueImage which makes them supporting incompatible images! :-\
Please see a new piece of log enclosed - it was an attempt to convert disk image of my system to VM.
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.153 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,668] (Re)Start waiting for property updates from CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.848 'App' 6824 error] [pluginWin32,34] Error 2147754754 creating snapshot.
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.849 'App' 6824 warning] [snapshotVolumeFactory,119] Shapshot creation failed. driver=vss
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.849 'App' 6824 verbose] [snapshotVolumeFactory,148] Creating snapshot using vsnap
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.849 'App' 6824 verbose] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,124] Vsnap does not have admin rights
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.849 'App' 6824 verbose] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,127] Snapshotting \\?\Volume{393bf288-d743-11de-ae9f-806e6f6e6963} using stcbasic.sys
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.850 'App' 6824 error] [snapshotVolumeVSNAPWin32,137] stcbasic.sys not installed or snapshot creation failed. err=2
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.851 'App' 7340 info] [imageProcessingTaskStep,194] CloneTask::task{17} step "clone volumes" destroyed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.851 'App' 6824 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: computer={64a1984d5c709da739c191a93254852b531155cb}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.851 'App' 6824 verbose] [diskSet,114] Cleaning up computer's child objects
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.851 'App' 6824 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=virtVol={computer={64a1984d5c709da739c191a93254852b531155cb},0}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:11.852 'App' 6824 verbose] [diskSet,140] Unregistring disk id=disk={fc2f9f37e595f7f7e8852e155ee1741d1d68fb4}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.528 'App' 7340 error] [cloneTask,320] Cloning failed!
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 7340 error] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,552] CloneTask::task{17}: Image processing task has failed with MethodFault::Exception: sysimage.fault.SnapshotError
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 7340 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,154] CloneTask::task{17}: SetState to error
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 7340 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,886] Remote task CloneTask::task{17} completed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,437] Waiting for updates from CloneTask::task{17}
[2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 6824 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,749] Got an update from CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,515] Cleaning up remote task CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.529 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,1201] Disposing task wrapper for task CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.530 'App' 7340 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.530 'App' 7340 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,123] CloneTask::task{17} being destroyed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.530 'App' 1252 error] [imageProcessingTaskStep,423] VmiImportTask::task{16} step "clone to VM" failed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.530 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,1117] Reporting image processing task failure for task CloneTask::task{17}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.530 'App' 1252 error] [imageProcessingTaskWrapper,1124] ImageProcessingTask FAILED. Fault name: sysimage.fault.SnapshotError
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.531 'App' 1252 info] [imageProcessingTaskStep,194] VmiImportTask::task{16} step "clone to VM" destroyed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.531 'App' 1252 error] [vmiImportTask,492] Cloning failed: sysimage.fault.SnapshotError
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.531 'App' 1252 info] [vmiImportTask,826] Removing destination VM
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.531 'App' 1252 info] [vmiImportTask,834] Successfully connected to UfaLocalVMCreator
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.533 'App' 7340 error] [localVMCreator,2512] Failed to delete some file(s) or VM directory
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.534 'App' 1252 warning] [vmiImportTask,839] Failed to delete VM: vim.fault.CannotDeleteFile
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.534 'App' 1252 info] [imageProcessingTaskStep,194] VmiImportTask::task{16} step "create and clone to VM" destroyed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.534 'App' 1252 info] [imageProcessingTaskStep,194] VmiImportTask::task{16} step "Clone VM" destroyed
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.534 'App' 1252 error] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,552] VmiImportTask::task{16}: Image processing task has failed with MethodFault::Exception: sysimage.fault.SnapshotError
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.534 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,154] VmiImportTask::task{16}: SetState to error
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 1252 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: VmiImportTask::task{16}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 7868 verbose] [disposable,122] object explicitly disposed: computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,114] Cleaning up computer's child objects
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=attVol={computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d},1}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=attVol={computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d},2}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.556 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=attVol={computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d},3}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.557 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=attVol={computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d},4}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.557 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,130] Unregistring volume id=attVol={computer={2202622998d91b89190c31c8980df6baba3cfd5d},5}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.557 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,140] Unregistring disk id=disk={9ba2498e79b590fd75d62d8b65fa945c367c0fea}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.557 'App' 7868 verbose] [diskSet,140] Unregistring disk id=disk={5c822bdfe4346fded26a0a0854198ded817c6666}
[#6] [2010-07-05 14:19:12.557 'App' 1252 verbose] [imageProcessingTaskImpl,123] VmiImportTask::task{16} being destroyed
[2010-07-05 14:19:12.585 'App' 1252 verbose] CloseSession called for session id=FB7B5A80-8872-4B6B-B016-5CF920A704F2
[2010-07-05 14:19:12.586 'VmdbAdapter' 1252 verbose] Removed vmdb connection /db/connection/#6/
[#7] [2010-07-05 14:25:46.460 'App' 1252 info] Impersonating user DBONDARE in session C9312D64-105F-4D96-9CFC-EC4E0BE2BA68
[#7] [2010-07-05 14:25:46.487 'App' 6580 info] [vmImporter,140] Entering UFAD at QuerySourceInfo
[#7] [2010-07-05 14:25:46.487 'App' 6580 verbose] [vmImporter,141] source:
[#7] (sysimage.V2ISourceVMSpec) {
[#7]    dynamicType = <unset>, 
[#7]    v2iFilePath = "K:\DiskImages\Win7.5full\System_C_17.06.2010.tib", 
[#7]    password = <unset>, 
[#7] }

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where you are trying to save the snapshot can you write to that area?
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Top Expert 2010
Hi "Dmitry"...here is a somewhat recent post on a similar error during conversion. There are MS KB's referenced that may provide the assistance you're needing. I assume you're converting using the converter within Workstation? It may not matter what tool you use (I want to suggest downloading the free Standalone tool from VMware's site) because of the VSS error. If that doesn't work, try to resolve the VSS errors from the MS KBs referenced in the URL:

If all else fails, you can download a trial of Acronis True image, image your box, then convert it using Converter.



I already have a license for Acronis True Image Home 2010. And I have tried it (see - I mentioned it in my 1st answer) - this approach with an Acronis disk image does not work!
VmWare WS 7.1 is unable to work with disk image created by Acronis True Image Home 2010! :-(((

But ok, I'll browse the post you provided link to and will try to see if I can do anything with it...
Top Expert 2010

Oops..my apologies Dmitry :) Keep me posted...



Hm... according to answer here


P2V conversion IS NOT SUPPORTED AT ALL for 64-bit Windows platforms! :-(((

And the mentioned link to http://sanbarrow.com/p2v2008r2.html is not giving too much help in case of Win7x64.  :-\
Top Expert 2010
I was aware of the issues surrounding W2K8 R2 x64, but not Win7 x64, but it's not surprising to see that. Verifying with the 7.1 User's Guide, it does seem that both x64 OS's aren't supported (pg. 133) :(

You can try a different conversion tool -> vConverter by Vizioncore



Finally I discovered that all P2V convertors did fail to convert Win7x64! :-\
I have tried 2 ones - VmWare Convertor and Visioncore vConvertor. The last one (Visioncore) was able to create VM from physical computer but that was a dead end - no way to make it working.
But the good news - I have found some working method.

Details are here:
Big thank to man at http://sanbarrow.com/p2v2008r2.html for help.

Here is a copy of summary info from posts at mentioned urls:

Now, my Win7x64 VM successfully started and seems working fine.
It has too small display resolution (800x600) but that is not such a big problem at the moment...

The only working option for me is to use Acronis TrueImage in a following manner:

1) create disk image of physical computer
2) create a new 64-bit VM in VmWare, add scisi HDD of certain size (to fit the disk image created at step 1)
3) configure VM to boot from Acronis True Image ISO file
4) start VM, restore system on VM from disk image created on physical computer (need to find a way - how to make disk image available on VM, I have used a separate virtual SCISI HDD where I copied disk image)
5) shutdown VM, conifgure it to boot from the original Win7x64 CD (or from Win7x64 Rescue CD)
6) choose "Repair" , skip suggestion to repair windows, skip all until you can start CMD, start regedit, select the HKLM branch, click menu -> Load Hive.., select C:\Windows\system32\config\system, then follow the instructionsdescribed at "Patching - easy variant" section on http://sanbarrow.com/p2v2008r2.html.
In particular need to set "Start"=0 in registry. Then - select HKLM again, click menu -> Unload Hive.Close regedit, restart VM.
7) Long wait until it booting... Then need to turn off features/services and so on to speedup VM botting. And need to find out how to fix low display resolution...

Note: unfortunately the main thing I have tried P2V conversion for did fail. Some activated software no longer working on VM - asking for activation again! :-\


Finally I was able to do P2V conversion but the primary goal did fail - some required software lost activation on VM.So, seems I'm "bound" to the physical computer.  :-(

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