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Transparent proxy with 1941

fosiul01 used Ask the Experts™
I want to buy this router, but before that i need to make sure it will server few of my purpose

From a different question, i know that to get a transparent proxy on this router, i need to use Web Cache Communication Protocol v2

but i have few  confusion.
if i use wccp, the router will work as transparent proxy server, is not it ????  i dont need any other proxy server on the network right ???

is there any gui tool or any other way to get a proxy report (example, which user is browsing which site etc )

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You will need to setup a Squid proxy server (http://www.squid-cache.org/)

Here are some setup instructions: http://www.digitalnerds.net/linux/transparent-squid-with-wccp/
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Ok so without squid , i cant get what i want ???

Currently I got Squid proxy and a router ..

i m trying to use one devices instead of 2

is not there any other same category router where i will get proxy report??
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If you get the content filter subscription option on the 1941 you can get the transparent proxy without using WCCP, and some reporting capability with the Cisco Configuration Professional GUI.
Part number:
FL-19-CNFIL-1Y(=)   IOS Content Filtering 1 YR Subscription License PAK (Paper) for Cisco 1941-1941W
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so much will it cost ??

and how will i buy it ??

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if i use wccp, will it give transparent capability ? and with wccp, will i get report from GUI ??
WCCP is just a protocol that assists Squid in performing as transparent. There is no GUI unless Squid has one.

As for the Cisco part#, you can search online for it to buy it from an online retailer, or contact a Cisco reseller.
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suppose, router interface is : and dmz :  ( example)

if i use WCCP and use a Squid proxy in DMZ

then. suppose one client from internal company ip :

try to browse the web. it squid will it show the ip from ?? or in squid it will only show ip of router which is : ?

i used squid before , so i know how squid work

but what i am trying to understand is, w hich ip will be logged in squid ? router ip or client ip

Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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List price and full part number breakout.. any reseller should be able to get you "street" price.
You should be able to get it from CDW.com

Product                       Description                                                 Quantity  Price     
CISCO1941-SEC/K9              Cisco 1941 Security Bundle w/SEC license PAK                1         2,495.00
S19UK9-15101T                 Cisco 1900 IOS UNIVERSAL                                    1         0.00
FL-19-CNFIL-1Y                Content Filtering 1YR Subscription  License for c1900       1         250.00 (annual)
CAB-AC                        AC Power Cord (North America), C13, NEMA 5-15P, 2.1m        1         0.00      
CAB-CONSOLE-RJ45              Console Cable 6ft with RJ45 and DB9F                        1         30.00 
ISR-CCP-CD                    Cisco Config Professional on CD, CCP-Express on Router Flash1         20.00
PWR-1941-AC                   Cisco 1941 AC Power Supply                                  1         0.00  
MEM-1900-512MB-DEF            512MB Default DRAM for Cisco 1941 ISR                       1         0.00  
MEM-CF-256MB                  256MB Compact Flash for Cisco 1900, 2900, 3900 ISR          1         0.00
SL-19-IPB-K9                  IP Base License  for Cisco 1900                             1         0.00   
SL-19-SEC-K9                  Security License  for Cisco 1900                            1         0.00       
CON-SNT-1941SEC               SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Cisco 1941 Security Bundle w/SEC license   1         145.00 (annual)

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