Strategy Map in AS3 or Adobe Flex

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Strategy Map in AS3 or Adobe Flex

I want to create the strategy map dynamically (create the map based on the XML and also contain the XML export after edit the map).
The strategy map is more or less similar to the flowchart.

The sample Image :

Stratey Map

Any have the idea about this or have the source code send it to ""
I need to create the strategy map/ flow chart similar to the following link. 

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i think you would not be able to find a source code that would help you as a whole however you might find source codes that might help you in chunks of your app. First decide the requirements, then decide the xml format.After that start coding
-Create custom components for nodes(visit it will help)
-Draw arrows using an api from dncompute(you will also find code of how to draw arrows)
-When exporting include x,y positions and relations of the nodes with other nodes
-When importing set the x,y positions of the components and draw arrows according to the relations

And remember first create small chunks of your project. Dont jump into developing the whole project, it will take you nowhere.
I would suggest to use a graphing framework for this as creating everything from scratch should exceed your timeframe (If it is to be done thoroughly).
Some Frameworks that might contain what you are looking for:

The tourdeflex ( contains several framework samples. I would suggest having a look at ILog Elixir ( or yFiles ( yFiles will propably take you relatively near to where you want to go, but layout it relayed to a component on the server (which I personally disliked very much).

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