Picture people/Olan Mills Vs Sears/Walmart

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When we talk of nice portraits, PP or OM seems to have most people's attention for quality. How do they rate with 'regular' studios you find in sears or walmart.

are these apples and oranges, not suitable for proper comparison?

what similarities have you seen between the 2 environments..

if the photographer is good, could sears do better than PP; or is there anything about their environment (backgrounds/software etc) that makes a difference.

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"if the photographer is good"
That is the key question.
I have had good (read excellent) results with Olan Mills. Their photographers spend almost all their time on portraits. Not so with Sears and Wal-mart (unless they have a vert unusual number of clients).
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Olan Mills, Sears, etc. are very formulaic. They have a pre-set list of poses, props, and backgrounds. You aren't going to get anything very contemporary or interesting from them. Picture People is a step above Olan Mills (which I would place above the department store places) - while still somewhat based around a list of poses and stuff, their poses are a bit more modern and they are a bit more flexible than OM.

If you have a bit more money, you could also find a local photographer - while they can't compete with the brand-names on price, they will beat them far and away on quality.



hmm.. good thoughts.. thanks for sharing your perspective which is helpful.

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