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I am in the progress of setting up permissions for report manager and have come across a couple of issues.

The "Site Settings" has me as a system administrator.
The root folder setting (Home) has me with all the the roles selected.

When my colleague browses the report manager, he can access the folder and site settings and has the ability to create new users.

He also has viability of all reports deployed (even though he is not added as a user to the folder.)

Should my colleague be able see these settings as he is not added as user to any security level???

I have found this link where people have said the security settings are ignored for local admins.


Does anyone know of a way I can get round this issue?

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Initially, only users who are members of the local administrators group can access a report server. Reporting Services is installed with two default role assignments that grant item-level and system-level access to members of the local administrators group. These built-in role assignments local Administrators to grant report server access to other users and manage report server items. The built-in role assignments cannot be deleted. A local administrator always has permission to fully manage a report server instance.

Because full permissions on a report server include item-level and system-level permissions, a local administrator is assigned to the following roles:

•System Administrator Role

•Content Manager Role

From the following website


As long as your colleague is a local administrator on the server hosting SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services then he will be a member of the System Administrator Role and Content Manager Roles on Reporting Services.


Thanks. I understand the functionality now. Its a shame the RS security permissions do not overwrite local admin.

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