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I have a google adwords account where four adwords campaigns run for four individual products. In average we have over 3.5 millions impressions per day, 4000 clicks and 100 conversion per day and around 500 Euros spent per day.

This was great for my organization business, but suddenly, starting with last week the impressions was drop from 3.5 millions per day to few thousand per day without making any changes near the impressions drop. The only thing which I've done with a day before drop was a payment.

I've fill a adwords assistance form. The first answer was that looks that the budged is to small (hilarious answer from my point of view, 400 EUR per day is not really small) and that peoples from aswords IT stuff are still looking at my account and they will come with an answer in 24 hours... After 120 hours still no answer from adwords and no impressions and our organization business affected seriously. I've increased the budged over 10 times and nothing happens...

I suspect that is a bug or a malfunction in adwords platform, but what can I do?

If someone knows what is happening and if is a solution somehow I will really appreciate to share this with me.

Thank you
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Lots of people I know who deal with huge Adwords accounts typically assign a daily budget 5x to 10x what actually gets spent.

1 in 1000 click and Google makes less than 0.15 per click = terrible money for Google

You don't mention whether this is search or display, you don't mention quality score, but I bet you are not clocking up a 10 with a 0.1 CTR.



The problem is with display network.

Now the budget is x10 greater then the amount we spent in the past.

The keywords quality score is between 7 and 10, but they are working ok.

Major problem is with display network which for our product was better then keywords.

Before this problem, on display network we have a CTR near to 0,20% and a conversion rate near to 2%

My inner question is why suddenly the impressions drop over 50 times....?  
So you are doing display advertising - is that banners, text or some other variety?

How broad are your keywords for display, or are you doing site targeting, how tightly focused around your topic, and how large are the keyword groups?

You are referring to the quality score on search, which is related.

A 0.2% CTR is nothing special

Your inner question the answer is Google can make more money elsewhere, or believes their customers might recieve a better user experience elsewhere, or the ads are better targeted elsewhere, or another advertiser is more serious than you are.

What is really going to annoy you is it is quite likely you are being hammered by someone paying 0.01 or 0.02 per click with great CTR


In display network we have text, image and graphics banners (made with google tool).

Also we increased the CPC bid and CPA ten times, but the impressions does not start to increase.

Also some campaigns are based only on display network without search. All campaigns has the same problem, that's why I've suspect that is something wrong with adwords account.

We made another test too. With a similar product (slimming products) we start a campaign on another account (used by other partner company) with the same keywords, sites in "managed sites" and with small bids and we got over a million impressions, another hint which points to an account problem.

We sell using this account over six months and everything was working great until last week. Annoying is that google does not want to respond :(.
Ever since display was introduced it has been standard practice to split the campaigns from search.

If you happen to be an affiliate or running CPA offers which have already met Google's hammer in the US, that could be one reason. This happened frequently with rebill offers, free plus shipping offers, or what is known as "negative option".
That wouldn't mean it is an account problem... you still have your account, but quite possibly the campaigns are dust, along with the destination domains
There is also a knock on effect that because the niche is so heavily abused, the requirements to be trusted are a lot higher.

Your best bet might be to hire a decent Adwords Professional to go into your account, clean it up, and contact Google directly as they might have a more trusted relationship.


The problem is solved.

It was a limitation from Google because of some complains of adsense users about some ads from us which was a little aggressive.

Google has end the restriction after some weeks.

Thanks for support.


This solution was near to the actual solution. See next comment.

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