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I have setup a new clientpc on my SBS2003 server. On the client I then ran the ConnectComputer-wizard. After that I installed the assigned client applications.
After a reboot however the client PC is not registered on my server anymore.
When I try to login to the domain from that client I get a message about trust relationship that blocks my access. However when I run the connectcomputerwizard again I get a message that this computer is already part of a domain.

Also, when logged in as a local Administrator I tried to add a new local users. This failed: the 'User could not be added, because no such user existed' or words to that effect.
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Lee OsborneSenior Infrastructure Engineer

Have you got any more information in the event logs, on either the SBS or W7?


It appears you are having intermittent network connectivity. this could be from having IPv6 enabled on the WIN 7 computer when your network is not set up to support IPv6...Upon setting up the network connection again, it temporarily fixes the issue.
Solution Consultant
1) You can login to the SBS server as an administrator.
          Open Active Directory user and computer, search your PC name and make right mouse button and choose Reset Computer Account.

2) You can login to the client as local administrator
       Disable IPv6;
       Right click "MyComputer" properties -> choose "Advanced System settings" on the left of the window -> choose "Computer Name" tab and select "Change ..." -> Delete in Member of the extension (eg if the domain is "" remove. "Com") and do OK twice (possibly enter the domain administrator credentials)
       Restart the PC

Try this way.
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Gentlemen thank you.
I have switched off IPv6 and rebooted the WS but there was no improvement.
Since that reboot my Eventlog shows the following errors and warnings:
130 Timeservice
3210 Netlogon
1067 Terminalservices remote connection manager
1129 Group policy *this is the last).


On my server, the securiyty log displays Audit failures for the client were talking about. Event id 529 and the System log has an access denied message

Is the computer added to the proper OU in the proper domainAd... lik that is your domain part of other parent domains

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