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Change which Exchange 2010 client access server that Outlook connects to

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I am undergoing an upgrade from Exchange 2007 to 2010. I had 2 2007 servers, one as the transport and client access and the other just as a mailbox server. I upgraded by creating 2 temporary staging servers and moving the mailboxes and services onto the staging servers. I am now at the point where I have setup the permanent 2010 servers (on the servers that 2007 was using).

My problem is that I would like to change the client access server that Outlook connects to internally (not Outlook Anywhere) to be the permanent server rather than the temporary one.

I'm pretty sure that if I uninstalled Exchange from the temporary server then this would happen automatically but I would like to make sure everything is working before doing that.

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
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Mino DCSolution Consultant

before uninstalling the temporary exchange2010, you must have the permanent Exchange 2010.

Then to make sure everything works, you can move a mailbox from temporary to permanent server. Outlook 2007 clients, automatically find the new server 2010, 2003 Outolook you can do it via GPO.

If the test is positive, move all the mailboxes to the permanent 2010, then uninstall the temporary server 2010.


I have already moved all of the mailboxes to the permanent Exchange 2010 server but Outlook does not connect directly to the mailbox server anymore in the 2010 version, instead they connect through a client access server, of which I have two at the moment: the temporary and the permanent. Although all the mailboxes have been moved, Outlook is still connecting through the temporary client access server.
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This article has everything u need.


Bascly you can check that the permanent server is in the CA array before u remove the old ones. If the uninstall fails to remove or update the array, you can do it maually. Also check the dns that outlook is using to find your exchange domain. Resolves only to the permante hardware.


Thanks for the quick answer.

All I had to do was set-mailboxdatabase  -rpcclientaccessserver