HP AiO 1200r Recovery DVD not recognzed

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Problems with a HP AiO 1200r with 12x 1TB HDD's.

I'm trying to reinstall windows storage server 2003 R2 from Recovery Disk but it keep saying error "This ProLiant storage server model is not supported by this QuickRestore DVD" after booting from DVD.

i have tryed with another RecoveryDisk, another dvd-rom, also updated all firmware with 9.0 hp firmware maintenance cd, but same result.

i also have another identical server wich i successfully installed from the same RecoveryDisk with no error.

Any ideeas ?

Thank you
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Hardware fault with the disk controller possibly?
Or has the raids been broken? It may require you reset the arrangement firstly, to provide an active partition to install to.


I have deleted all raid configuration, and then configured RAID as:
2x HDD RAID 1+0
10x HDD RAID 6

and without raid configured, same error.

on the first server wich i installed successfully, dvd software configured RAID this way:

2x HDD RAID 1+0 with:
  1x RAID DISK 30GB as system drive
  1x RAID DISK 5GB as recovery
  1x RAID DISK ~900GB free space

10x HDD RAID 6 with:
  1x RAID DISK ~8 TB free space

Note that from windows storage server 2003 disk management i can see 3 DISKS (Disk0, Disk1 and Disk2) and not 3 partitions for the first array.

I have tryed to configure HP Array P800 this way but it doesn't let me.

any ideeas ?
Sounds like the quick restore DVD doesn't come with the RAID drivers you require, I wonder if your able to use a straight windows CD with the F6 drivers inplace?
The other system appears not to have a raid for the system drive and so it could be loaded..
I'm jumping to conclusions, but I've only a 400 here and it works with the preloaded system dvd no probs.


Both servers are absolutely the same , with raid for System Drive.
Could there be a difference in the configuration of the BIOS?

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