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I have created a new page layout from my custom content type and custom site columns.
Problem is with one of the site columns whose type is "RICHHTML". I have added this site column on my layout, but whenever i click on this clumn in EDIT mode to insert some text, it gives javascript error" INVALID SOURCE HTML".
Then i added an OOB site column "Page Content" within this custom content type and placed this site column just under my custom RICHHTML column.

OOB "PAge Content" column works perfectly.NO JS Error,but my custom column still gives the same js error.

I have crosscheked schema xml of both site columns and both seems same.

Strange thing is that this custom site column works in "Edit Properties" of page list item.


<Field ID="{C3FE73A1-C2EE-4fd7-BEC3-C892F5624A2F}" Name="POCPageContent" StaticName="POCPageContent" SourceID="" Group="Agilent POC(WSS IT)" DisplayName="POC Page Content" Type="HTML" Required="FALSE" Sealed="TRUE" RichText="TRUE" RichTextMode="FullHtml" ColName="ntext6" RowOrdinal="0" />
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Rajendra ShekhawatSolution Architect



Try converting field xml tag - Type="Note".



No Rajendra it doesn't work. This seems like some sharepoint bug that note type rich text fields do not work properly on page layouts, though they work perfectly on list items.
I page layouts these fields are treated as simple text boxes and any formatting done within these NOTE fields will render as HTML text e.g. <DIV>ABC 123 <strong>Hello</strong></DIV>, this will be the ouput on screen i.e. the complete formatting is treated as text instead of html.

Let me know if you know any other workarounds
It seems there was some issue with my VHD, somehow sharepoint got corrupted in this VHD, when i tried doing the same steps on another fresh VHD with sharepoint installed, everything worked.

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