User cannot launch one of of two available applications in Citrix Web Interface

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Although this issue appears to only affect one client, it is something I am determined to fix.  I have a clilent who can access the Citrix web interface and launch one of the available applications (OWA) but not the other (a medical application). After clicking the medical application icon in the WI, a pop-up box brienfly appears, showing an attempt to launch/open the 'launch.ica' file, and then diaappears.  I have attached a screenshot for your review.  So far, I have tried deleting browser cache, history, etc. and checked Java is installed, updated, and working as expected. Client is running Windows 7 64Bit and IE 8.  What could be causing this?  Thanks for any insight!
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If you save the launch.ica file to the desktop and double-click it, does it run?

If you save both launch.ica files to the dekstop as app1.ica and app2.ica and compare the contents, besides the app specific stuff what is different?
After you login to the Citrix Metaframe page, login with your user name and password and then follow the below steps


1)Click on the 2nd tab which says “click here to customize the user interface,then

 2)Click Client preferences

3)Try selecting Client for Java or Activex control) to select Local Client option only i.e no Java or ActiveX
For Vista / Windows 7 (64 bit specially) ask users to download and install Citrix plug (Citrix Online plug-in - Web ) in from




That's it! - the 11.2 client at the link you provided above works perfect.  For some reason, the latest available Citrix WEB plugin does not  Strange.  So, it seems for Win 7 (or Vista) 64Bit, use the older 11.2 client. Thanks for the quick feedback!

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