watchguard x1250e and wireless access points

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Hi Guys,

I am not familiar with Watchguards but a client want's to attach 1 or 2 access points to their network for public use and connect them directly into the watchguard.

As it is the WAN in on interface 0 and the LAN on interface 1. The LAN is on 192.168.0.x and the aim is to configure the access pints so they use 10.0.0.x on say interface 6 and 7.

Is this possible on a x1250e?


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Yes it is possible.
You may want to put the public network to its own interface and make policy accordingly.
With a traffic management you can then also limit bandwith given to public network.



Any chance you can go into more detail on how I can acheive this as I really do not fully understand this firewall.

I can't go exact details as i can't access x1250 at the moment.
By using Watchguard System / Policy manager
You must first configure the interface you plan to use as a public network. Propably there's already external, trusted and if you use dmz optional also active and according to your question maybe some more. So you may want to use for example optional-6 for the public one. Configure DHCP to use the 10.0.0.X network.
I see no point putting access points to interfaces 6 and 7, instead put them both to same interface by using switch. Makes things clearer.

Then you should do the policy for the interface in a policy manager and allow only needed traffic and if you want also limit bandwith (modify policy, advanced tab)


thanks Aarop.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

everything up and running as expected.

all the best

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