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I'm a Joomla Newbie but learning reasonably quickly.

I am using this template:

The A, B, C etc tabs are Modules, the text you see on the buttons is edited in the Module. I have linked the 'Read More' links to Articles that display OK. However, I am getting a default (the Domain name) componentheading displaying above the Article heading on every page. How can I turn it off?

I have tried switching off various Parameters to do with showing headings (as suggested in Joomla forums) but nothing is working for me

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The 'read more' links don't seem to be working for me?  I'll be able to tell you more once i see it.
oh nevermind, I was looking at the template site wasn't I.  
If you already turned off headings in the advanced settings on each article and in the default settings for articles  I'm not sure what the problem could be.  Showing the domain name doesn't sound like a standard type issue.  Would it be possible to see the page?
Amanda WatsonWeb Developer

A workaround for this may be to find the .componentheading in the CSS (you will need to use firebug to find the exact code you need to edit and change it to
.componentheading {

for example  (as I said you will have to find the code in the CSS that handles the component heading

if that doesn't work - please take a screen shot or supply an url - you may need an override



Humph...the CSS change works, but with some collateral damage. Headings that I do want to appear now don't e.g. 'Contacts', so I've changed it back.

Here's the site: Bear in mind it's very much a WIP so only some things work

If you click the 'Read More' links for either the extreme LH or RH tabs you'll see what I mean (the others don't work yet). A componentheading of 'relatedvision' displays. I have no idea where it's getting that value

OK - Iis "relatedvision" a section or category that you have ste up in which this article resides - if so you need to essentially turn off the corresponding "show section" or "sho category"

2 possibilities come to mind -
1.assuming you want this off on all pages try - and login
go to CONTENT - ARTICLE MANAGER and click on PARAMETERS - (here we are settign article defaults)

2. If this doesn't work it may be taht the parmater has been set in teh menu item !! Go To Menus - Menu that this article is in (main menu perhaps)
Click on Link to this Article and on right hand side in PARAMETERS COMPONENT hide section / catagory title

If these don't both work - there are more option s-let us know
Amanda WatsonWeb Developer

You could set up class for your components and use the display: none; for the ones you don't want...

This may help!_1.5



There is a Section 'Related Vision'; I just unpublished that (on assumption it might be using a concatenated version of that name) and it makes no difference  

1 have done all of those; when they didn't work that was the point at which I posted here

2. These items (tabs) do not appear in a menu; does there need to to be one? Maybe having one would be a good idea? If so, not sure how to make that work i.e the 'Read More' links link to Articles; how would a menu get in on the act?

to "style" items - turn params on and off decide what modules appear on wahty pages - is done thru the menu
create a NEW MENU )go to menu manager - click new
call it HIDDEN
link to an article that is a culprit
try settign parameters
and then yoru read more link MUST have the correct ITEM ID appended to it - hmm  - this may be gettign too tricky

In yoru template folder -
is there a folder called html? if so  in there is there a folder called content? if so in there is there a folder called articles?
I need the file in there called default.php - and I'll try an dfix this for you

Unless you knwo how to do an html override - can you code a little?!_core

ALSO - can you tell me the exact title and ALIAS of the SECTION and CATAGORY in which teh article:
Building Relationships  is in

ACTAULLY if you create a menu link in the hidden menu to the SECTION or category that holds the articles and set the params - this also may work !


You're going to have to help me here...

I have put all of the 'Read More' articles into the one Category 'Main Tabs'

I have a menu called 'hidden' and within that have set up a type of 'Main Tabs' and put the 'Main Tabs' Category into it.

The Read More links now don't work at all, so how do connect these things?


Sorry forgot to mention...

Article 'Building Relationships'  is in:

Section: 'Related Vision' alias related-vision
Category is now: 'Main Tabs' alias main-tabs

do you skype - i can give you about 10 mins -
I'm j-training
It would be easier if I could see everything going on

you are now hitting a problem realted to sef urls

turn off sef for now until everything is up and running
Also - be sure your website and addons are up to date.

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