Problem using Related N:N records data in Workflow

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I want to using related N:N record's data in MS CRM 4 workflow. For example i want to generate a email on record A that have N:N relation with record B and using Title of B records in my Email.
Is there any way?
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Feridun KadirPrincipal Consultant

What record type triggers the workflow?

If the trigger is the type of record A, how will the workflow know which B record to use in the title of the e-mail?


Thank you for your reply.
Always, Record A trigger the workflow. But i don't want set my email Title.
Let's take an example: I have custom entity named "Contract Abstraction". It related to "Product" (Built-in CRM entity) with N:N relation. I want to generate notification email based on "Contract Abstraction" to some users that contains Product list.
In simple view, Emailing Contract Abstraction with name of related Products.
Principal Consultant
I think I get this now - For any given "Contract Abstraction" the workflow should send an e-mail that lists all the related products (via the n:n relationship) linked to the Contract Abstraction.

I'm afraid that I don't think you can do this in workflow with the available out of the box actions. There is no way to add a dynamic value in the e-mail body that is a list of related items. You could write a custom workflow action that generates the required list given the GUID of the "Constract Abstraction" record and then add the custom action to the CRM platform to use in your workflow - but this is a development job.

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