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SQL server 2008 r2 log shipping

rajumuchunde used Ask the Experts™
I have installed and configured fail lover clustering in SQL 2008 R2 with windows server 2008 r2 os.
now my quiey is how to protect or configure the database level security to database (for accidental delation,suspect of database or wrong query execution.my sql server 2008  which is best method to secure data & alos know how create the mutiplae instance in the sql sever 2008 in fail over cluster configuration.
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I dont undertstand you Q:
1. Do you want to config  log shipping with delay of a few hours between 2 databases?
     I can send you the steps...

P.S  - The SQL SERVER on a cluster is the same as SQL SERVER in standalon server

Good luck


on my server there are 32 databases so i can i secure these databases from accidental delete or wrong query execution.
sure you can

Use log shipping with delay of 6 hours
Use this link to create 32 DBs more  - that will be in recovery all the time with delay of 6 hours
if you will have a delete/insert/update    you can stop the sync open the DB and save the tables.
(you can use this link:   http://databases.about.com/od/sqlserver/ht/Transaction_Log_Shipping.htm)

If you dont have to do it fast  you can just use a normal full recovery model with log backups
when you will have a problem restore only the problematic DB  to point in time and save the data

Good luck!
Guy H
Also consider creating database snapshots which could allow you to create several point-in-time and queryable data sources while minimising disk space.

Regarding database snapshot

remember  - Only 2 snapshots are allowd on the same database !

Good luck