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I have a pdf form (vacation request) saved to a sharepoint library. On the form I have 2 submit buttons. Depending on the location the employee works, they will choose one of the submit buttons. Each submit button would, in theory, submit the form to a sharepoint library for their location, where the appropriate manager will go to review and sign the form. I have the address of the library I want to submit to in the url area of the submit form selections area.  When I test the form, I am directed to the url I specified, but the form is not saved there. I receive no error message. (View is set to all documents).

Windows Server 2003 R2
Form Created in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

Thanks for any help you can offer

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Hi Anne

What is the URL that you have specified in the action for each button?
I suspect what is happening is that the action behind the button is just causing your browser to redirect to that page, rather than it knowing that it has to upload the PDF to the library.

Is the My%20TimeSheets.aspx page a custom-developed page that accepts an HTTP post?  If not, what type of page is it?  If it is just a SharePoint forms/document library then the page will not know what to do with the PDF.  


It is just a sharepoint document library. I have the employee time sheet (in InfoPath) submitting to the doc library and I just wanted to keep it and the vac request together. Is there an easy way for a novice like me to create a page that accepts an HTTP post or to make this work another way?  
There are several challenges here:

  1. How to get SharePoint to accept an upload without having to interactively use the upload page - the normal way would be to use a web service, but I think you'd need to know JavaScript to do that from Acrobat.
  2. How to have SharePoint extract your meta data from the form in order to populate the list columns of the document library
There are methods for doing this I think if you were using Adobe LiveCycle, but that is an enterprise forms product that you probably don't have.
Another approach would be to e-mail enable the document library and then have the Acrobat form submit by email to the specified address.  That would get your file into the library, but would still have the problem of how to extract data from it.

I don't know if this might help do what you need, I've not tried it:


Thanks Hairbrush

No I don't have LiveCycle. I think email enabling the sharepoint library may be all I need. Hopefully our IT will be able to enable my libraries today and I will let you know how it works.

How are you getting on with this?  Did email enabling the library work for you?


Hi Thanks for checking in. I am still waiting for our IT folks to email enable the library. ugh! They say they are getting an error message when they try to enable it and are working on it.

Hopefully they get it working soon. I think that will be the solution for me.

hi, is there any official way from to get LiveCycle to serve forms out of SharePoint?
jjoz - to ask that, you need to create a new question rather than add to someone else's.
Anne - can this question now be closed?
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