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Dear Experts,

We are implementing an Active/Active/Passive SCC with exchange 2007 sp3. Below is out infrastructure:

1- 2 W2K3 R2 DC
2- 2 CAS/HUB W2K7 SP3 NLB installed on W2K7 Ent
3- 3 Mailbox Server W2K7 SP3 A/A/P installed on W2K7 R2

Our Problem is that we were able to do the A/P nodes successfuly but we had rpoblems in the second active node. Do we need to see the same physical hardisk of SG1 on second active node or we shall install it on the another clustered disk SG2. we are using node majority quorom and using Dell blade M serires with Dell SAN.

PS: all exchannge prerequists are installed along with legacy permissions as we still have exchange 2000 in our enviroment.

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you can not have 2 active SCC
you might want to go for multiple  2 node cluster

in 2007 you have clustered mailbox server and that revolves around nodes
if case node fails..

and there is no point having two passive nodes.. (if you have extra hardware
you can ship that to me) .. lol

Thank you


sure we dont have extra hardware :) but i need to know the concept of active active passive scenario so that i can configure the storage in a proper way
right so go for SCC with two nodes.  or  one more clustured mailbox server in tow more nodes..
but there is not option for Active, Active passive in 2007
but one CMS  will be active at a time..

so 2 two nodes make sense .. not 3 !


well we have more than 10000 mailboxes so i dont think 1 active node will be enough thats why we have to go with A/A/P. i have seen the above articles where they are implemented with 2 nodes only i need the clustering on 2008 with 3 nodes SCC cause i need to know if each active node will have its own storage or they must see the same storage
In SCC the multiple nodes are supported as per MS, you can ignore above comments by "------" (can scrollup to see the name)

Yes SCC uses shared resources.
CCR will have its own copy but SCC has single copy of resouces, it is like clustering in Exchange 2003 the only difference is the managebility.

If you scroll down this article shows the number of nodes supported:

this talks about the shared resources:

See this thread aswell:

You can go for CCR as you have multiple copies of the databases, you just need to add one more Server and create 2 CCR . and split the users to balance the load.

SCC seems little too dangeroous as you have 10000 mailboxes recovering the data incase of database resource down will invite lots of downtime.

i Suggest you go for multiple CCR for high availability.


Hi dhruvarajp,

well i tired the links you send to me it solved some of the problems but i faced this erorr while i was installing the second active node:

Elapsed time: 00:02:41

Mailbox Role Prerequisites

Before Setup can continue, all cluster managed services owned by this node need to be taken offline or preferably moved to another node in the cluster.
Recommended Action:

If you will have CDOEx applications on this computer you are required to install the update described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 982720 ( prior to proceeding with the Exchange installation. If you do not plan to use CDOEx on this computer this update is not required to successfully complete the installation.

Elapsed Time: 00:02:03

Clustered Mailbox Server Prerequisites

Elapsed Time: 00:00:37

the only resource on the second active server is hard disk resource which i cant take it offline or move it.

Installation of the first Active and passive node was successfully installed.

PS: am using win 2008 R2 and exchange 2007 SP3


The Setup is finished and the trick was the empty service in windows 2008 cluster to move hard disks between nodes to install th 2 active nodes

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